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This repo is no longer the official home of Tcpreplay. For that please visit: https://github.com/appneta/tcpreplay


The new home for Tcpreplay is on Github!

Looking for the stable 3.4 branch? Go here: https://github.com/synfinatic/tcpreplay/tree/3.4


Simple directions for Unix users:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" 
sudo make install

More details

As of Tcpreplay 4.0, the build system has moved from GNU Autoconf to CMake. While Autoconf may be the closest thing to an "industry standard", it's also unfortunately very difficult for developers to use and does not allow for building native Windows applications.

The 'cmake' application replaces the old './configure' command. In most cases you can just run 'cmake' without any arguments and it will detect your system and generate the appropriate Makefiles.

If you want more control over the configuration process you can run 'cmake -i' (prompts for configuration options) or 'ccmake' (a curses UI configurator).

For more information about CMake, visit: http://www.cmake.org

Simple directions for everyone else:

Sorry you're out of luck for using 4.0.

Right now, Tcpreplay 4.0-Alpha only supports Unix based systems like Linux and OS X. I hope to add support for Windows as well, but I haven't gotten there yet. If you're a Windows developer and are interested in helping port Tcpreplay to Windows, please contact me!

Windows users or anyone having problems with CMake can use the 3.4.x release available in the 3.4 branch.


If you have a question or think you are experiancing a bug, it is important that you provide enough information for us to help you. Failure to provide enough information will likely cause your email to be ignored or get an annoyed reply from the author.

If your problem has to do with COMPILING tcpreplay:

  • Version of tcpreplay you are trying to compile
  • Platform (Red Hat Linux 9 on x86, Solaris 7 on SPARC, OS X on PPC, etc)
  • cmake options
  • Contents of CMakeCache.txt
  • Output from 'make'
  • Any additional information you think that would be useful.

If your problem has to do with RUNNING tcpreplay or one of the sub-tools:

  • Version information (output of -V)
  • Command line used (options and arguments)
  • Platform (Red Hat Linux 9 on Intel, Solaris 7 on SPARC, etc)
  • Make & model of the network card(s) and driver(s) version
  • Error message (if available) and/or description of problem
  • If possible, attach the pcap file used (compressed with bzip2 or gzip preferred)
  • The core dump or backtrace if available
  • Detailed description of your problem or what you are trying to accomplish

Note: The author of tcpreplay primarily uses OS X; hence, if you're reporting an issue on another platform, it is important that you give very detailed information as I may not be able to reproduce your issue.

You are also strongly encouraged to read the extensive documentation (man pages, FAQ, documents in /docs and email list archives) BEFORE posting to the tcpreplay-users email list:


Lastly, please don't email the author directly with your questions. Doing so prevents others from potentially helping you and your question/answer from showing up in the list archives.


Tcpreplay 4.0 is GPLv3 and includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and its contributors.