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/* from generic/tcl.h: */
* There are some things, pointers for example
* which don't hash well because they do not use
* the lower bits. If this flag is set then the
* hash table will attempt to rectify this by
* randomising the bits and then using the upper
* N bits as the index into the table.
#include <stdio.h>
# define _ANSI_ARGS_(x) x
#define VOID void
#define CONST const
#define EXTERN extern
typedef void *ClientData;
struct Tcl_Obj;
typedef struct Tcl_Obj Tcl_Obj;
* Forward declarations of Tcl_HashTable and related types.
typedef struct Tcl_HashKeyType Tcl_HashKeyType;
typedef struct Tcl_HashTable Tcl_HashTable;
typedef struct Tcl_HashEntry Tcl_HashEntry;
typedef struct Tcl_HashSearch Tcl_HashSearch;
typedef unsigned int (Tcl_HashKeyProc) _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr,
VOID *keyPtr));
typedef int (Tcl_CompareHashKeysProc) _ANSI_ARGS_((VOID *keyPtr,
Tcl_HashEntry *hPtr));
typedef Tcl_HashEntry *(Tcl_AllocHashEntryProc) _ANSI_ARGS_((
Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr, VOID *keyPtr));
typedef void (Tcl_FreeHashEntryProc) _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_HashEntry *hPtr));
* Structure definition for an entry in a hash table. No-one outside
* Tcl should access any of these fields directly; use the macros
* defined below.
struct Tcl_HashEntry {
Tcl_HashEntry *nextPtr; /* Pointer to next entry in this
* hash bucket, or NULL for end of
* chain. */
Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr; /* Pointer to table containing entry. */
unsigned int hash; /* Hash value. */
ClientData clientData; /* Application stores something here
* with Tcl_SetHashValue. */
union { /* Key has one of these forms: */
char *oneWordValue; /* One-word value for key. */
Tcl_Obj *objPtr; /* Tcl_Obj * key value. */
int words[1]; /* Multiple integer words for key.
* The actual size will be as large
* as necessary for this table's
* keys. */
char string[4]; /* String for key. The actual size
* will be as large as needed to hold
* the key. */
* Macros for clients to use to access fields of hash entries:
#define Tcl_GetHashValue(h) ((h)->clientData)
#define Tcl_SetHashValue(h, value) ((h)->clientData = (ClientData) (value))
/*#define Tcl_GetHashKey(tablePtr, h) \
((char *) ((h)->key.string))*/
#define Tcl_GetHashKey(tablePtr, h) ((h)->key.string)
EXTERN Tcl_HashEntry * Tcl_NextHashEntry _ANSI_ARGS_((
Tcl_HashSearch * searchPtr));
EXTERN Tcl_HashEntry * Tcl_FirstHashEntry _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr,
Tcl_HashSearch * searchPtr));
EXTERN void Tcl_InitHashTable _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr, int keyType));
EXTERN void Tcl_DeleteHashTable _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr));
EXTERN Tcl_HashEntry *Tcl_CreateHashEntry _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr, CONST char *key, int *newPtr));
EXTERN Tcl_HashEntry *Tcl_FindHashEntry _ANSI_ARGS_((Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr, CONST char *key));
* Structure definition for a hash table. Must be in tcl.h so clients
* can allocate space for these structures, but clients should never
* access any fields in this structure.
struct Tcl_HashTable {
Tcl_HashEntry **buckets; /* Pointer to bucket array. Each
* element points to first entry in
* bucket's hash chain, or NULL. */
Tcl_HashEntry *staticBuckets[TCL_SMALL_HASH_TABLE];
/* Bucket array used for small tables
* (to avoid mallocs and frees). */
int numBuckets; /* Total number of buckets allocated
* at **bucketPtr. */
int numEntries; /* Total number of entries present
* in table. */
int rebuildSize; /* Enlarge table when numEntries gets
* to be this large. */
int downShift; /* Shift count used in hashing
* function. Designed to use high-
* order bits of randomized keys. */
int mask; /* Mask value used in hashing
* function. */
int keyType; /* Type of keys used in this table.
* It's either TCL_CUSTOM_KEYS,
* or an integer giving the number of
* ints that is the size of the key.
Tcl_HashKeyType *typePtr; /* Type of the keys used in the
* Tcl_HashTable. */
* Structure definition for information used to keep track of searches
* through hash tables:
struct Tcl_HashSearch {
Tcl_HashTable *tablePtr; /* Table being searched. */
int nextIndex; /* Index of next bucket to be
* enumerated after present one. */
Tcl_HashEntry *nextEntryPtr; /* Next entry to be enumerated in the
* the current bucket. */