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A marketplace for medical supplies commerce
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Medicament is a marketplace for medical supplies commerce.


  • User login/registration system
  • Database of supply requests
  • Request form for hospitals to request supplies
  • Profiles of participating organizations with contact information
  • IRC chat for hospitals to communicate with each other
  • Smooth, innovative design


  • PHP 5.4.45
  • MySQL 5.5

###Purpose Medicament aims to eliminate the problem of supply deficiency that is inhibiting hospitals from providing effective medical care. By assisting hospitals with the delivery of supplies and communication with other hospitals, Medicament is the next step towards a better future in healthcare.

###Development Medicament was created by following a specialized, iterative design process. The process included the following steps: problem definition, brainstorming, research, and concept generation, solution development, construction, testing, and evaluation. This process allowed Medicament to meet design specifications and ultimately be developed into a better product.

###Operating Procedures Organizations will first fill out the registration form at register.php. Once their accounts are successfully created, they can login at login.php. Users will be redirected to requests.php, where they can view all unanswered supply requests. If they would like to request supplies, organizations can access the supply request form at requestform.php. Once the form is submitted, the request will be displayed with all other requests at requests.php. Users can navigate to profiles.php to view all participating organizations' basic information, such as location, email, and telephone. Additionally, users can navigate to chat.html to communicate with other organizations about ongoing transactions, supply inquiries, etc. Transportation of the requested supplies and additional payment is organized between the donating and receiving organizations.

###License Medicament is licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.

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