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A betting bot for

  • Read about it here and learn how to use it here.
  • Download sample data(match record and chromosome) above or click here.
  • Download the app from the Chrome Store here.

System Requirements

Minimum Specs:

  • Dual core processor 1.5Ghz+
  • 4gb DDR3 RAM 1333mhz

Recommended Specs:

  • Quad Core processor 3.0Ghz+
  • 8gb DDR3 RAM 1600mhz

Installing latest version(Chrome/Chromium)

To install the git version of this extension:

  • Clone the repo:
    git clone
  • Make sure you have Node.js installed. It is available at
  • For Ubuntu/Linux Mint Users Follow this guide to install Nodejs ver. 8.x and be sure npm is installed
    sudo apt install npm
  • Open the command line and go to the base of the project where the file package.json is located
  • Run
    npm install && npm run build
  • Open chrome extension settings and enable developer mode
  • Click "load unpacked extension"
  • Navigate to the '/dist/' folder and load it
  • Import the data and chromosome files
  • Select your preferred mode and settings and let it run.


To keep your version up to date simply:

  • Re-clone the git periodically
  • Run "npm install" and then "npm run build"
  • Open Chrome Extension settings and click "reload" on Saltbot
  • Reload and the twitch chat tab

Bug Reports

Please be sure to Read the bug reporting guide before you submit a bug report!

The more info you provide, the better we can diagnose the issue and remedy it.



We have a subreddit for saltbot now at /r/saltbot. Use this for extensive discussions of saltbot's features, improvements, strategy, etc.

Contributors & Members

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