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{$ifndef LVCL}
{$ifdef FPC} // we may be on Kylix or upcoming Delphi for Linux
{$ifdef Unix} // we may also be on Darwin / OSX
cthreads, // should be the very first unit - before FastMM4 e.g.
{$endif Unix}
{$ifdef FPC_X64MM_WIN} // SynFPCx64MM is not fully validated on Windows yet
{$ifdef MSWINDOWS}
{$endif MSWINDOWS}
{$ifdef FPC_X64MM}
{$ifndef MSWINDOWS}
{$endif MSWINDOWS}
{$ifdef FPC_FASTMM4}
FastMM4Messages in '..\RTL7\FastMM4Messages.pas',
FastMM4 in '..\RTL7\FastMM4.pas',
SynFPCCMemAligned, // after "apt-get install libjemalloc1"
{$ifdef FPC_SYNTBB}
SynFPCCMemAligned, // after "apt-get install libtbb2"
{$ifdef FPC_SYNCMEM}
SynFPCCMemAligned, // you may also set FPC_NO_DEFAULT_MEMORYMANAGER
{$ifdef FPC_CMEM}
cmem, // you may also set FPC_NO_DEFAULT_MEMORYMANAGER
{$endif FPC_CMEM}
{$endif FPC_SYNCMEM}
{$endif FPC_SYNTBB}
{$endif FPC_FASTMM4}
{$endif FPC_X64MM}
{$endif FPC_X64MM_WIN}
{$ifdef Unix} // we may also be on Darwin / OSX
{$ifdef Darwin}
// iosxwstr, // optional WideString manager for Mac
// cwstring, // optional WideString manager
{$endif Darwin}
{$ifopt D-} // at the moment, debug mode with cmem causes trouble
//cmem, // default FPC's heap manager is very RAM hungry (one heap per thread)
{$endif Unix}
{$else} // enable FastMM4 on older versions of Delphi
{$if CompilerVersion <= 17} // Delphi 2006 (and up) have FastMM4 integrated
{$ifdef UNICODE}
{$WARN DUPLICATE_CTOR_DTOR OFF} // global at .dpr level - see QC 100815
FastMM4, // no conditional expressions -> versions older than Delphi 6
{$endif FPC}
{$endif LVCL}