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bugfix: Acumin Pro SemiCondensed is not detected

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tim-lebedkov committed Mar 13, 2020
1 parent cd0439c commit 27343019b7e6c6dd2787480756a34e0e935ce2d1
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@@ -5325,7 +5325,7 @@ function EnumFontsProcW(var LogFont: TLogFontW; var TextMetric: TTextMetric;
var Temp: RawUTF8;
with LogFont do
if (FontType=TRUETYPE_FONTTYPE) and (lfFaceName[0]<>'@') then begin
if ((FontType=DEVICE_FONTTYPE) or (FontType=TRUETYPE_FONTTYPE)) and (lfFaceName[0]<>'@') then begin
Temp := RawUnicodeToUtf8(lfFaceName,StrLenW(lfFaceName));
if (pointer(List)=nil) or (List[high(List)]<>Temp) then

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