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added Delphi XE7 compiler to continuous integration batch

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synopse committed Sep 6, 2014
1 parent 99332f3 commit e60a8412edcccab74dee6088d09d63a7739cb0ca
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@@ -51,4 +51,14 @@ if not exist %DCC% set DCC="c:\progs\DelphiXE6\bin\dcc64.exe"
set DelphiVersion=Delphi XE6 Win64
call compilpil.bat
set DCC="c:\progs\Embarcadero\XE7\bin\fastdcc32.exe"
if not exist %DCC% set DCC="c:\progs\DelphiXE7\bin\dcc32.exe"
set DelphiVersion=Delphi XE7 Win32
call compilpil.bat
set DCC="c:\progs\Embarcadero\XE7\bin\fastdcc64.exe"
if not exist %DCC% set DCC="c:\progs\DelphiXE7\bin\dcc64.exe"
set DelphiVersion=Delphi XE7 Win64
call compilpil.bat

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