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Fix error in TJSONSerializer.WriteObject #3

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jorditudela commented Sep 9, 2014

CollectionItem with references to TSQLRecord objects where not properly

CollectionItem with references to TSQLRecord objects where not properly

This comment has been minimized.

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synopse commented on 3f35c66 Sep 10, 2014

This implementation is not correct either.
I've just committed a cleaner fix.
Thanks for the feedback.

@synopse synopse closed this Sep 10, 2014
synopse pushed a commit that referenced this pull request May 28, 2019
merge from synopse/mORMot
synopse pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Dec 20, 2019
Pull the latest revision from upstream synopse/mORMot
synopse pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 9, 2020
* inherit TSQLMonitorUsage from TSQLRecordNoCaseExtended
to optimize stored content

* new TSynMonitorUsageRest.ProcessIDShift and optional Batch support

* several fixes to TSynMonitorUsage/TSynMonitorUsageRest

* WIP: slow any base64 buffer decoder

* fast version of fail tolerant base64toBin

* remove unused parameter in anyBase64toBin

* optimized VariantToBoolean(null)

* fixed THttpRequest.Create when aIgnoreSSLCertificateErrors is true

* fix unmapping memory mapped files for Unix

* small optimization of TPdfEncryptionRC4MD5.EncodeBuffer

* tuning of TServiceCustomAnswer content SOA logging

* fixed regression after last commit

* several fixes for Delphi 10.3 Rio compatibility

* SyNode: Embadding JavaScript files into executable as a resources

* TCurlHTTP: remove 1 second delay on non-GET requests by disabling sending of 'Expect: 100-continue' HTTP header

* avoid potential AV in curl.slist_append

* fixed potential GPF in latest pull request

* new SynDaemonIntercept function and SynDaemonTerminated flag

* New functions GetProcessInfo to collect more detailed info about Windows processes

* published TDynArrayHashed.ElemPtr/ElemCopyAt methods for Unicode Delphi

* documentation update

* enhanced items per second display during performance tests

* new TSynDaemon.ConsoleMode property

* mast TSynLog constructor as virtual

* TextColor - prevent unnecessary syscalls and made 'thread safe'

* Fixed a bug in TPropInfo.GetVariant handling of tkDynArray. Result from GetOrdProp was being erroneously dereferenced before being passed to TDocVariantData.InitArrayFromObjArray.

* StrLenSSE42 & StcCompSSE42 available only if HASAESIN is defined

* fix access to memory we do not write to in UnCamelCase(D,P)

* add tip about disabling HASAESNI in case testing with valgrind

* add +x permission to SQLite3/ and remove #13 in Shebang

* return back call to ioresult to reset a global InOutRes to 0

* add idents (git diff -w can be used to see only valuable changes)

* updated SQLite3 engine to latest version 3.26.0

* fixed TJSONSerializer.RegisterCustomSerializerFieldNames
- thanks mohsenti for the patch!

* fixed potential GPF in TSQLRestStorage classes when no server is supplied
(fallback to an owned model instance instead of an hypothetical/ephemeral external server)

* avoid wrongly deleted content with FillZero(RawUTF8/RawByteString)

* fixed TSynAnsiConvert.AnsiBufferToUnicode for FPC/POSIX

* new functions to handle unquoting CSV strings

* Bug fix for broken quoted string (return empty string for such case) and tests.

* Fix Delphi compilation

* WIP: get a low level connection ID from reverse proxy server header

* Use GetNextItemUInt64 instead of SynCommons.GetInt64 + compare RemoteConnectionID <> 0 instead of >0

* WIP: initial support for Unix Domain Socket

* fix Windows build (AF_UNIX is not defined under Win)

* Lazarus project for 36-RestBenchmark

* enhance Sample36 by UnixDomainSocket

* UnixDomainSocket support for TCurlHTTP

* prevent redefining of prototype props in descendants

* SyNode: new function TSMEngine.CallObjectFunctionVal + use this function for call timerLoop. A small optimization as a result

* fix Windows build

* some minor (mostly documentation) enhancements

* after latest merges, fixes for compilation on all targets
(especially old Delphi compilers)

* fixed TTestExternalDatabase.AutoAdaptSQL regression tests
(low-level hooks were not working any more due to some code sanitation)

* propagate RemoteIPHeader & RemoteConnIDHeader to HttpApi server clones

* propagate RemoteIPHeader & RemoteConnIDHeader to HttpApi server clones
- from #165

* enhanced TIntelCpuFeatures with latest CPUID flags

* new GetDiskPartitions/GetDiskPartitionsText functions

* added aThreadName parameter to TSynLogFamily.OnBeforeException callback

* published PDynArrayRec to allow TDynArray.GetCount inlining

* new TSynLogFamily.WithInstancePointer property
to optionally reduce log verbosity

* exceptions will log the current thread name

* optionally include the free disk space to GetDiskPartitionsText()
- used for remote REST status of the serve too

* json serializer adds a T00:00Z to dates without in UTC0 timezone to allow FireFox propertyly decode a Date object

* introducing low-level GetMemoryInfo() API function

* GetMemoryInfo/TSynMonitorMemory won't return FastMM4 values
but OS returned values by default

* introducing TMatch.PrepareRaw method and published some TMatch properties

* new IsCaseSensitive() function

* initialize a DayOfWeek by 0 in GetNowUTCSystem

* minor refactoring of SynCrtSock (no functional change)
- mainly about performance and Kylix compatibility

* fixed Delphi 10.3 MainDemo compilation

* TSynTempBuffer.Init and TSQLTableJSON will always allocate 16 more bytes than required
- for a trailing #0 and to ensure our (e.g. TDocVariant) fast JSON parsing won't trigger any GPF (since it may read up to 4 bytes ahead via its PInteger() trick) or any SSE4.2 function applied on the buffer
- fix for #168
- also fixed other potential buffer overflows (especially in TTextWriter)

* please some paranoid valgrid expectations
for #168

* include method and uri to ECurlHTTP message

* new %L format specifier for ScanUTF8()

* fixed Delphi compilation
- sounds like if we really spend all our time in FPC/Lazarus now :)

* for FPC result of TPrecisionTimer.ProfileCurrentMethod should be assigned to local var

* happy new year 2019 ! :)

* fix typo in doc

* prevent raising of Overflow exception in case project is compiled with -Co flag

* some missing files for 2019

* too low coffee level - messed up last commit ;)

* new TSynSystemTime.ToDateTime method

* slight optimizations in the HTTP socket server
- no functional change

* ensure SynFPCLinux uses the regular conditionals

* fixed SortDynArrayString on Delphi 2009+ (circumvent RTL's SysUtils.StrComp bug)

* proper detection of Windows Server 2019 edition

* exclude UID from links comments

* minor refactoring and fixes to mORMotReport.pas - no functional change

* new TExprParserMatch class for efficient search expression parsing

* fixed TQueryValue.AsVariant problem under FPC on empty string

* disable double quotes for TExprParserMatch
(it was not working anway)

* fixed IsCaseSensitive() to work as expected
- it was working like a IsUpperCase() function

* new TMatch.PrepareContains method and several optimizations to TMatch search

* enhanced TExprParserAbstract and TExprParserMatch implementation

* some TMatch fix for Delphi Win64

* udpated documentation about JWT auth

* fixed Delphi 6 compilation

* PasZip FPC/Linux compatibility and x86-64 performance fix

* fixed reference-counting in TJSONCustomParserRTTI.FinalizeNestedArray
- thanks maciej for the feedback!

* huge performance boost with TMatch.PrepareContains
by using Holub and Durian (2005) SBNDM2 algorithm for 2..31 long patterns

* optimized case-insensitive TMatch '*pattern*' search

* introducing TParserAbstract to allow any kind of expression parsers
(e.g. SQL evaluator)

* overloaded ToUTF8(TExprParserResult) function

* marked TSQLRestServerURIContext.AuthenticationCheck as virtual

* introducing TExprNodeWordAbstract.ParseWord virtual method

* optimized GetExtended() for FPC/x86-64

* x3 speedup of TMatch.PrepareContains(aCaseInsensitive=true) process

* ensure proper x86_64 registers use on some functions

* TExprParserMatch refactoring

* introducing BufferLineLength() fast function

* introducing PosExChar() fast function

* fixed typo in latest commit

* several fixes to BufferLineLength()
- with associated regression tests

* circumvent some Delphi compilation bugs

* some comments changes - no function modification

* minor changes to DateTimeToUnixMSTime() and GetExtended()

* specificaly implement pattern='' for TMatch

* new OS_INITIAL[] constants

* added explicit regression test for RecordSave() with a void dynamic array field

* new RecordSaveBytes() function

* some RecordSaveBase64/RecordLoadBase64 and similar optimizations

* comments fixes - no functional change

* ensure TCurlHTTP handles connection timeout parameter
- was left to the default libcurl value i.e. 300 seconds = 5 minutes!

* fixed TSynMonitorMemory.PhysicalMemoryTotal

* refactored TSynMonitorSize / TSynMonitorMemory / GetDiskPartitionsText
to allow shorter text without spaces

* new overloaded IsValidUTF8() functions

* add aIgnoreAnyException param to TSQLRestClientURI.ServiceRegister/ServiceDefine
so that TSQLRestClientURI.ServiceDefineSharedAPI works as expected

* introducing NOHTTPCLIENTWEBSOCKETS conditional

* use libcurl API to retrieve the error message

* renamed THttpSocket.HeaderValue to THttpSocket.HeaderGetValue
due to the parameter now required to be uppercased
- also several fixes and optimizations to the HTTP layer (e.g. about RemoteIPHeader)

* another fix about aIgnoreAnyException support

* new LogEscapeFull() overloaded functions

* several fixes to SynCrtSock, especially for Windows
- after instrumenting the code to add low-level logs, and spent the whole day examining the results on real-world production code
- there is still an unexpected problem sometimes with the TWinHttp client in some very obscure condition

* TRawByteStringGroup will now have on demand compaction
- also refactored to fix some potential GPF issues

* fixes for GetDiskPartitions/GetDiskPartitionsText

* fixed TSQLRest.OneFieldValues(TInt64DynArray) about "where" clause parsing

* new DDDNOSYNDB and DDDNOMONGODB to reduce the units linked by dddInfraSettings

* fixed DDDNOSYNDB process

* new ToText(TOperatingSystemVersion) and TrimLeftLowercaseToShort() functions

* enhanced TTextWriter + new ToTextOS() function

* TDynArray documentation precision - no functional change

* alllow days time unit in MicroSecToString()

* fixed MicroSecToString() with days unit
- includes associated regression tests

* fixed Darwin (OSX) compilation

* properly fix auxiliary columns in TSQLRecordRTree/TSQLRecordRTreeInteger
- latest pull request was breaking existing non RTree fields standard with '_'

* new TSynDictionary.FindKeyFromValue method

* includes regression tests for new TSynDictionary.FindKeyFromValue method

* allow some missing fields in the TSQLTableJSON input expanded objects

* added fmShareDenyWrite to TTextWriter.CreateOwnedFileStream flags

* new MatchAny() function

* prevern send Content-Type: STATICFILE header

* add optional BufferSize parameter to TSQLTable.GetJSONValues and TSQLRestBatch.Create
- default TSQLRestBatch value of 4KB is clearly underestimated

* new TFileVersion.UserAgent method

* enhanced THttpRequest and TSQLHttpClientGeneric

* avoid some unexpected Delphi compiler hints

* new TSQLTable.FieldAsString() overloaded methods

* more aggressive auto-resize of TTextWriter internal buffer
to use 1MB when 40MB is reached (instead of 64KB)

* Update SynWinSock.pas

* overloaded AddInteger/AddInt64 functions to append two dynamic arrays

* new TAlgoCompress.UncompressedSize class method

* new overloaded TDynArray.Sort with TEventDynArraySortCompare comparer

* new IsDirectoryWritable() function

* TSynDaemonSettings will ensure that /var/log folder is writable

* ensure GetSystemPath(spUserData) will return ~/.cache/appname for POSIX
- also used for spLog as fallback if neither /var/log nor the executable folder is writable

* use recursion only for smaller range on all QuickSort functions
- thanks Maciej for the tip!

* ensure the TDynArray.Sorted flag is set by Sort() not by SortRange()

* made TSynPersistentLock and TSynPersistentLocked aliases
since allocated PSynLocker on heap is no overhead in comparison to maintaining a lock

* new TSynLogFamily.OnThreadEnded method

* new TSynQueue.WaitPop/WaitPopFinalize methods

* enhanced TSynQueue.WaitPopFinalize

* try to return a correct folder for logs under Windows

* do not override FPC $hints value (which is commonly disabled)

* introducing TSynQueue.WaitPeekLocked method

* refactoring to fix "Times" embedded font naming

* new overloaded IPToCardinal() function, and CompareFloat/CompareInt64 comparators

* optimized PosEx() pure pascal version - especially for FPC x86_64

* updated SQLite3 engine to latest version 3.27.1

* fixed FTS RANK execution for Delphi Win32

* updated documentation - mainly about TSynDictionary

* made TSynLog.FamilyCreate thread-safe in all cases

* made TSQLRecordProperties and T*AutoCreateFields initialization thread-safe in all cases

* ensure PatchCode() will work even if OS memory page size is not 4KB

* fixed SHA256/x64-SSE4.1 process using new GetMemAligned() function

* introducing SynFPCCMemAligned unit

* small refactoring after latest changes - no functional modification

* small refactoring of TSHA384/TSHA512 - no functional modification

* SynFPCCMemAligned will make no overhead any more - but will be for Linux only

* optimized TDynArray.InternalSetLength

* introducing SynTBB unit and FPC_SYNTBB conditional for FPC + Intel TBB malloc use
(tested on Linux x86_64 for server-side multi-threaded performance)

* small optimization of SynFPCCMemAligned via direct glibc malloc/free calls

* allows SynFPCCMemAligned to use either glibc, Intel TBB or jemalloc libraires

* tuned heap manager identifier in SYNOPSE_FRAMEWORK_FULLVERSION

* new TSynSystemTime.ToNCSAText method

* new TPrecisionTimer.SizePerSec method

* new OnMainThreadIdle optional parameter to TSynParallelProcess.ParallelRunAndWait
- to allow e.g. direct call from the UI thread

* fixed TWrapperContext.CreateFromModel
- thanks EMartin for the patch!

* preliminary (beta state) Swagger support

* Socket HTTP Server refactoring for better performance and stability
- mainly reducing and tuning system calls, locks and CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE

* new CMDLINESWITCH cross-platform constant

* tuned documentation about crc32c() to avoid confusion with plain zlib's crc()

* fixed Windows compilation

* new TAlgoCompress.Algo overloaded method

* TPrecisionTimer optimizations (mainly for FPC on Linux/BSD/Darwin)

* ensure our faster GetTickCount64 using CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE is called

* refactored TPrecisionTimer for consistency

* ensure TSynLog will call QueryPerformanceCounterMicroSeconds on Linux/POSIX

* renamed QueryPerformanceCounterMicroSeconds() as QueryPerformanceMicroSeconds()

* new "auth" optional parameter to HttpPost()

* updated sqlite3-64.dll binary stored in repo

* updated documentation, mainly about installation process

* updated SourceCodeRep internal tool with latest fossil build

* optimized sorting of pointer-sized array

* try to fix unexpected problems in TAESPRNG.RandomExt with FPC/Win64

* documentation updates

* added "description" field to Swagger SOA template

* minor refactoring - no functional change

* optional BufferOffset parameter to TAlgoCompress.Compress/Decompress

* new TFastReader.ReadCompressed method

* optional BufferOffset parameter to TSynPersistentStore.SaveTo and TFileBufferWriter.FlushAndCompress

* fixed TAESAbstractSyn.Clone, and included some refactoring

* updated SQLite3 engine to latest version 3.27.2

* added BufferOffset optional parameter to overloaded TAlgoCompress.Decompress method

* introduced TDDDLogSettings.CustomFileName property

* added '/' in TFileVersion.UserAgent

* new TSQLRestServer.Sessions public property

* fixed several bugs in TAlgoCompress.Compress
- if BufferOffset<>0 or Plain=nil or PlainLen=0

* refactored TSQLRestServer.SessionDelete - no functional change
synopse pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 9, 2020
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