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OpenSource RESTful ORM/SOA/MVC Framework for Delphi and FreePascal


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Synopse mORMot 2 Framework

An Open Source Client-Server ORM/SOA/MVC framework in modern Object Pascal

Happy mORMot

(c) 2008-2024 Synopse Informatique - Arnaud Bouchez -

Thanks to all Contributors!

NOTICE: This version 2 replaces mORMot 1.18 which is now in maintainance-only mode. Consider using mORMot 2 for any new or maintainable project.


You can find more about mORMot 2 in:

If you find it worth using, please consider sponsoring mORMot 2 dev if you can - and even better through sharing your own commits. :-)


mORMot What?

Synopse mORMot 2 is an Open Source Client-Server ORM SOA MVC framework for Delphi 7 up to Delphi 12 Athenes and FPC 3.2/trunk, targeting Windows/Linux/BSD/MacOS for servers, and any platform for clients (including mobile or AJAX).

mORMot map

The main features of mORMot are therefore:

  • An optimized cross-compiler and cross-platform JSON/UTF-8 and RTTI kernel;
  • Direct SQL and NoSQL database access (e.g. SQLite3, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, OleDB, ODBC, MongoDB);
  • ORM/ODM: objects persistence on almost any database (SQL or NoSQL);
  • SOA: organize your business logic into REST services defined as interface;
  • Convention-over-configuration REST/JSON router, locally or over HTTP/HTTPS/WebSockets;
  • Clients: consume your data or services from any platform, via ORM/SOA APIs;
  • Web MVC: publish your ORM/SOA process as responsive Web Applications;
  • A lot of other reusable bricks (e.g. Unicode, cryptography, network, threads, dictionaries, logging, binary serialization, variants, generics, cross-platform...).

Emphasizing speed and versatility, mORMot leverages the advantages of modern object pascal native code and easy-to-deploy solutions, reducing deployment cost and increasing ROI. It can be used:

  • to add basic ORM or Client-Server features to simple applications for hobbyists,
  • or let experienced users develop scalable service-based (DDD) projects for their customers,
  • or leverage FPC cross-platform abilities with an existing Delphi codebase, to embrace the next decades,
  • have fun and see modern object pascal challenge the latest languages or frameworks.


The mORMOt 2 repository content is organized into the following sub-folders:

  • src is the main source code folder, where you should find the actual framework;
  • packages contains IDE packages and tools to setup your dev environment;
  • static contains raw library .o/.obj files needed for FPC and Delphi static linking;
  • test defines the regression tests of all framework features;
  • res to compile some resources used within src - e.g. the static third-party binaries;
  • doc holds the documentation of the framework;
  • ex contains various samples.

Feel free to explore the source, and the inlined documentation.

MPL/GPL/LGPL Three-License

The framework is licensed under a disjunctive three-license giving you the choice of one of the three following sets of free software/open source licensing terms:

  • Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 or later;
  • GNU General Public License, version 2.0 or later;
  • GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 or later.

This allows the use of our code in as wide a variety of software projects as possible, while still maintaining copy-left on code we wrote. See the full licensing terms.

Quick Start

Compiler targets

The framework source code:

  • Tries to stay compatible with FPC stable and Delphi 7 and up;
  • Is currently validated against FPC 3.2.3 (fixes-3_2) and Lazarus 2.2.5 (fixes_2_2), Delphi 7, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE4, XE7, XE8, 10.4 and 11.1.

Note that FPC 3.2.2 has a regression with variant late binding - use FPC 3.2.2 fixes branch instead.

On Delphi, only the Windows target is available for mORMot general units, but you can use the cross-platform clients units on all Delphi targets. FPC is a much better and consistent cross-platform compiler, we gladly support.

Please submit pull requests for non-validated versions.


  1. Get the source, Luke!
  1. Setup your favorite IDE:
  • On Lazarus:
  • On Delphi:
    • Create a new environment variable mormot2 with full path to your mORMot 2 src sub-folder (Tools - Options - IDE - Environment Variables), e.g. c:\github\mORMot2\src or d:\mormot2\src depending on step 1;
    • Add the following string to your IDE library paths (for all target platforms, i.e. Win32 and Win64): $(mormot2);$(mormot2)\core;$(mormot2)\lib;$(mormot2)\crypt;$(mormot2)\net;$(mormot2)\db;$(mormot2)\rest;$(mormot2)\orm;$(mormot2)\soa;$(mormot2)\app;$(mormot2)\script;$(mormot2)\ui;$(mormot2)\tools;$(mormot2)\misc
    • There is no IDE or UI package needed (yet).
  1. Discover and enjoy:
  • Open and compile test/mormot2tests.dpr in the IDE, and run the regression tests on your machine.
  • Browse the examples folder (work in progress) - especially Thomas Tutorials which are realistic and pedagogical.
  • Start from an example, and follow the documentation.
  • Feel free to contribute by posting enhancements and patches to this quickly evolving project.

Coming From Version 2

Why Rewrite a Working Solution?

The mORMot framework stayed in revision 1.18 for years, and is was time for a full refactoring.

The main refactoring points tried to better follow SOLID principles:

  • Switch to a more rigorous versioning policy, with regular releases;
  • Split main big units (SynCommons.pas, mORMot.pas) into smaller scope-refined units;
  • OS- or compiler- specific code separated to ease evolution;
  • Rename confusing types, e.g. TSQLRecord into TOrm, TSQLRest into TRest...;
  • Favor composition over inheritance, e.g. TRest class split into proper REST/ORM/SOA classes - and folders;
  • Circumvent compiler internal errors on Delphi, e.g. changed untyped const/var changed into pointers, or reduced the units size;
  • Full rewrite of the whole RTTI, JSON and REST cores, for better efficiency and maintainability;
  • Optimization of the framework asm kernel, using AVX2 if available;
  • New features like OpenSSL, libdeflate or QuickJS support;
  • New asynchronous HTTP and WebSockets servers, with optional HTTPS/TLS support via Let's Encrypt;
  • Introduce modern syntax like generics or enumerators - but optional for compatibility.

We therefore created a whole new project and repository, since switching to version 2 induced some backward uncompatible changes. New unit names were used, to avoid unexpected collision issues during migration, or if 1.18 is to remain installed for a compatibility project.

Upgrade In Practice

Quick Steps when upgrading from a previous 1.18 revision:

  1. Note all units where split and renamed, and some breaking changes introduced for enhanced features, therefore a direct update is not possible - nor wanted

  2. Switch to a new folder, e.g. #\lib2 instead of #\lib

  3. Download latest 2.# revision files as stated just above

  4. Change your references to mORMot units:

  • All unit names changed, to avoid collision between versions;
  • Look at the samples to see the main useful units.
  1. Consult the documentation about breaking changes from 1.18, mainly:
  • Units refactoring (see point 4 above);
  • Types renamed in PUREMORMOT2 mode;
  • Delphi 5-6 and Kylix compatibility removed;
  • BigTable, LVCL, RTTI-UI deprecated.