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Erlang Business Forms


This project is a declarative framework for documents and forms. Metainformation is a declaration of Documents and their fields.

Data Model

The Metainformation is used to generate KVS Data Model. The KVS layer along with FEEDS server provide persistence.


JavaScript Web Application is generated using Metainformation and Data Model. N2O is used as a domain specific language to generate forms. JavaScript/OTP is used to generate forms. Average rendering speed is 25 forms per second.


Validation Rules

Erlang and JavaScript/OTP are used to define validation rules applied to documents during workflow.

Business Rules

Business rules should be specified by developers. RETE is used for rules specifications which can be triggered during workflow.

Workflow Scenarios

Workflows are complimentary to business rules and could be specified separately. BPE defenitions provide front API to end-user applications.


  • Maxim Sokhatsky