a simple lisp interpreter written in Haskell
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Hisp - A simple Lisp interpreter in Haskell

This is my first real stab at playing with Haskell. I've done some work before to write a raycaster, but never got around to making it usable at all--go figure! I should really get back to that at some point...


  • Build a repl

How to use

At the moment it's pretty raw. The best thing to do is open up ghci and type :l Hisp

Then you can enter expressions like:

ghci> eval (List [List [Sym "lambda", List [Sym "x"], List [Sym "if", Sym "x", Num 1, Num 3]], Num 3]) initialEnv
Num 1

Or, since there is now a reader, you can enter expressions like:

ghci> eval (readVal "((lambda (x) (+ 1 x)) 41)") initialEnv
Num 42