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Currently, our goal is to improve existing Synthea modules and to guide the development of new modules. We are seeking more information and assistance with the following:

Existing Modules

We are seeking review of individual modules by medical students and medical professionals. Full-size, graphical representations of each module are available in our Module Gallery.

We need quantitative feedback. Our models are driven by statistics, incidence, and prevalence rates. "How much?", "How often?", "At what ages?", and "When, historically?" are all good questions to ask. For starters, here are some questions about existing modules that we need answered:

Claims Data

In Synthea v1.0 we did not model claims data of any kind. The latest main branch of Synthea includes claims, but the prices are computed from CMS formulas and do not closely mirror real-world prices. For ALL modules, we would like to know:

  • Cost of outpatient visits, ED visits, specialists?
  • Cost of treatments (e.g. physical therapy)?
  • Cost of procedures (e.g. surgery)?
  • Cost of medications?

New Modules

We are constantly seeking new generic modules. See our project board for current needs and ideas.

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