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A git mirror of Google's Dart runtime
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Stand alone runtime of Google's Dart language

This git repository is a clone of the runtime part of the svn repository at

Prepeare your system

Ubuntu 64: sudo apt-get install cmake g++ g++-multilib ia32-libs libssl-dev
Windows : Install cmake, other libs are downloaded automatically

See also:


  • CMake: use cmake/CMakeLists.txt

  • Gyp: create make files in runtime/ with (git repository must reside in a gclient sync'ed tree):
    ./tools/ runtime

"Hello World" from scratch (Linux)

To get started here the commands which are needed on Linux to run a simple dart script:

git clone
cd dartruntime
git checkout -b cmake origin/cmake
cd ..
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../dartruntime/cmake/
make -j4
echo "main() { print(\"Hello World\!\"); }" > hello.dart
./bin/dart ./hello.dart 

Setup of this repository

It was initialized by this commands:

git svn init \ \
--trunk branches/bleeding_edge/dart \
--ignore-paths \

And has revisions since 17000

git svn fetch -r 17000
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