TinyG TG Updater App

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TinyG Updater App

The TG Updater App is a full on gui application that allows you to update your TinyG v6-v8 (no v9 support at this time) firmware with minimal effort on your part. One thing to note is you should backup your current TinyG's settings. You will lose them on your update. Quick and fast way is to use Coolterm and run $$. Save that output for later.

Here is the following steps required:

  1. Download the updater app for your platform (Windows and OSX are the only ones supported at this time)
  2. Plug in your TinyG and make sure that it is not being used by any other application (coolterm, chilipeppr etc.)
  3. Select your TinyG by clicking the radio button next to your TinyG's name.
  4. Check the "automatic reset" check box.
  5. Click Go! to start programming your update.

At the end of the programming you should see an green bar with "verified" written in the center. (See screen shots below). If you see "failed" then read the Notes / Troubleshooting section for how to trouble shoot.

Screen Shots of Procedure:

Notes / Troubleshooting:

You can click the show console button once you click Go! to see any information that is coming back. If you do get an error. Please make sure to reset your TinyG and while the red LED is still flashing hit the Go! button again. If you still get errors copy the contents of the "console" and post your issues on the Synthetos support forum.

SpinDir light keeps flashing after update:

If your Spindir light keeps flashing after you update your TinyG try this whole process again. If this does not fix this please contact us using this link:

https://www.synthetos.com/contact-us/ and we will get back to you to help get you going again.

Update fails verification / Lock Bits are set

See Firmware Update Verification Failure

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