TinyGv8g Tester BeagleBone Black Test Rig Setup

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BeagleBone Black Test Rig Operation

One-time BBB setup:

First: update the BBB

Download the latest image from http://beagleboard.org/latest-images (2013-6-20 right now) and then follow the instruction on updating the BBB from [Adafruit]. You wan the eMMC Flasher image.(http://learn.adafruit.com/beaglebone-black-installing-operating-systems/mac-os-x) or the official instructions. (I prefer the Adafruit ones, personally. -Rob)

The staps are, basically:

  1. Download image
  2. Decompress image
  3. Copy (with special software or commands) the decompressed image to an SD card
  4. Put that SD card into a powered-down BBB
  5. Push the "Boot" (S2) button on the BBB (closes to the SD card slot, but on the other side) while plugging in the BBB
  6. Wait 3-40 minutes for all four LEDs to stay lit, then unplug the BBB
  7. Remove the SD card
  8. Plug the BBB back in

Note that you'll need a 4GB or bigger _micro_SD card.

This will take a long time.

Connect the BBB Ethernet port. The BBB must be connected to ethernet for most of the rest of this to work Open a Terminal (or PuTTY) windows and type:

ssh root@beaglebone.local
# You may have to fix your local ~/.ssh/known_hosts if you had another beaglebone connected.
# When asked for the beaglebone root password hit ENTER 

# Now you're connected to the BeagleBone, these commands will run on the BBB:
/usr/bin/ntpdate -b -s -u pool.ntp.org

#These are simply for sanity's sake:
echo 'EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano export EDITOR' > ~/.profile
echo 'eval `ssh-agent -s`' > ~/.profile
perl -pi -e 's/NTPSERVERS=""/NTPSERVERS="pool.ntp.org"/' /etc/default/ntpdate

# Setup timezone
rm /etc/localtime

# Pick one:
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York /etc/localtime
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Chicago /etc/localtime  

TinyG-Specific stuff:

These also go into the BBB:

opkg update
opkg install python-compiler python-distutils python-multiprocessing python-misc kernel-module-ftdi-sio 

# Ignore these warning messages:
# WARNING: could not open /lib/modules/3.8.13/modules.order: No such file or directory
# WARNING: could not open /lib/modules/3.8.13/modules.builtin: No such file or directory about 

mkdir ~/.ssh 

To prepare for git:

From your computer (in another terminal/PuTYY window):

scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa* root@beaglebone.local:.ssh

On the bone through ssh:

# Optional setup of ssh-agent, but it'll save time later
# You'll need to run this every time you login
# Now type your ssh-key password.
# If you don't know it, search in Keychain Access.app on your computer for 'ssh'.

# If you ever want to push from git on this BBB:
git config --global user.name 'Your Name'
git config --global user.email 'you@gmail.com'

# In order to help with ssl issues:
opkg install ca-certificates
git config --global http.sslCAinfo /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

# Now to actually get the tester
cd /var/lib/cloud9
git clone git@github.com:giseburt/TinyG-node.git
# It may ask for your ssh key password at this point

cd TinyG-node/
npm install
# It may ask for your ssh key password (several times)

To get the list of tinyg's connected (for now):

cd /var/lib/cloud9/TinyG-node/       (if you are not already in this directory)
# This should always return /dev/ttyUSB0

Now navigate to http://beaglebone.local:3000/ in order to control the tester and see results.

Move the TinyG-node.git/examples/tinygTestRig.js to the top level of the "Workspace" using drag and drop. Double-click on it, then hit run. You can now plug the TinyG into the BBB and it should run the script on the TinyG. Note that you need a recent dev build of TinyG to get the RTS/CTS working, or you will see parser errors.

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