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This page contains notes for things that should be done to clean up the wiki.

Communicating with TinyG

This whole area is a mess. We need a page with some backgorund, and a page on the proper use of Linemode transmission protocol (4 buffer method).

Related pages that may useful data. Use these and get rid of stuff we don;t want:

Updating Firmware and Problems with Flashing

These pages should be reviewed so they hold together under one "Updating Firmware" or "Flashing TinyG" page. These pages mostly hang together, bit not all are linked from the parent page. I put a bulleted list of related pages at the top of the parent page. Here are the related pages that I found:

CNC Guides

We already have an OX CNC Guide and a Shapeoko guide, in the form of these 2 pages:

We might want to consolidate the Shapeoko stuff to a single start page and any child pages. If we have any machines we want to to feature we can use the same format. Just create a guide for each one. This is probably less important that a bunch of other stuff.

Pages that should be reviewed and revised

Pages to Delete

Move Elsewhere:

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