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Welcome to the g2 wiki!

This wiki documents the TinyG ARM port, which we are calling G2. G2 is pre-release as not all of TinyG's features are in it yet, but we have been working on it for over a year now and it's pretty stable for what it does do.

This wiki serves as a user and programmer manual and documents progress on the project. We (Synthetos) maintain the wiki, but it's an open wiki. If you want to post wiki-type stuff feel free to do it here. Please let us know via a github Issue if it's anything that needs active attention - Issues are good for requested changes, discussions and bona-fide software bugs.

TinyG2 on an Arduino Due

Getting Started

Reference Pages


Developer Pages

G2 User Pages

By and large G2 works identically to TinyG, and most configuration and other questions are handled at the TinyG wiki. Here are some pages that are specific to TinyG2.

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