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Gcode Coordinate Offsets

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Applies to firmware build 100.xx and above

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G10 Ln Set Parameters

G10 L2 Set Coordinate System Offsets - Relative to Machine Origin

G10 L2 Pn 'axes' set coordinate system offsets relative to machine origin

G10 L2 offsets the origin of the axes in the specified coordinate system to the value of the axis word.

  • P is coordinate system 1-6, corresponding to G54 - G59, respectively
  • The offset values in the 'axes' words are from the machine origin established during homing
  • Axis words not used will not be changed
  • The offset value will replace any current offsets in effect for the specified coordinate system
  • G10 L2 Pn does not change from the current coordinate system to the one specified by P, you have to use G54-59
  • G10 L2 Pn offsets set are independent of G92 origin offsets, and are cumulative
  • The coordinate system set by a G10 command may be active or inactive at the time the G10 is executed. If it is currently active the new coordinates take effect immediately

For example, if you wanted the X origin of coordinate system 1 (G54) to be 100 mm to the right of zero you would enter:
G10 L2 P1 X100

G10 L20 Set Coordinate System Offsets - Relative to Current Position

G10 L20 Pn 'axes' set coordinate system offsets relative to the current position

G10 L20 is similar to G10 L2 except that instead of setting the offset/entry to the given value, it is set to a calculated value that makes the current coordinates become the given value. The axis value is the value you wish the current point to be.

For example, if you wanted the XYZ coordinates to be set to (0,0,0) for G55 at the current position you would enter:
G10 L20 P2 X0 Y0 Z0

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