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Affordable Industrial Grade Motion Control

Welcome to the TinyG wiki!

Don't have a TinyG? Buy a TinyG now.

This wiki is the TinyG user manual and programmer's guide. We (Synthetos) maintain it, but it's an open wiki. If you want to post wiki-type stuff, feel free to do it here. Please let us know via a github Issue if it's anything major. Github Issues are good for requested changes, discussions and bona-fide software bugs.

The wiki has info for the current version of TinyG, which is the v8 hardware and firmware version 0.97. It also has docs for previous versions. Version 8 of the TinyG board

For general support use the Synthetos Forums The forum is for general questions about how to setup and use tinyg (and gShield). Sometimes the questions end up in the github issues list, but generally they do not. Feel free to post github issues as you see fit, but more people read the forum than the issues, so if you are looking for help the forum is probably a better choice.

There is also a TinyG Development Google Group. This is a conversation about new development, options, related products like controllers and android tablets, etc.

Please come visit / join any or all of the above.

Getting Started and Basic Setup

More Setup, Tuning, and Specialized Uses

Discussion Topics and Reference Pages


Developer Pages

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