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Synthiam connects technologies and robot builders to accelerate growth of the robotics industry.

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  1. Behavior_Control_AimlBot Behavior_Control_AimlBot Public

    Localized EZ-Builder chat bot client that uses AIML.

    C# 2 1

  2. E-46_Roomba_Cable E-46_Roomba_Cable Public

    This is the reference design for a cable that you can attach to your roomba's SCI Port


  3. Behavior_Control_Dynamixel Behavior_Control_Dynamixel Public

    Control Robotis dynamixel servos with EZ-Builder

    C# 1

  4. Behavior_Control_Advanced_Twitter_Recognition Behavior_Control_Advanced_Twitter_Recognition Public

    Retrieve twitter tweets and process them to have your robot do cool stuff via twitter posts.

    C# 1

  5. Behavior_Control_Ohmni_Telepresence Behavior_Control_Ohmni_Telepresence Public

    An ez-builder control to connect to OhmniLab Telepresence Robot

    C# 1

  6. Behavior-Control-Hitachi-LG-LDS-Lidar Behavior-Control-Hitachi-LG-LDS-Lidar Public

    Synthiam ARC NMS Driver for the Hitachi-LG LDS 360 degree lidar. This robot skill connects to the Lidar and pushes the data into ARC's NMS (navigation messaging system) to be used with level 1 navi…

    C# 1 3


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