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Reference design for the EZ-Bv4 Camera (E-09). This camera attaches to the EZ-Bv4 WiFi Board or EZ-B IoTiny and communicates over high speed UART.
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EZ-Bv4 Camera

EZ-Bv4 Camera EZ-Bv4 Camera

This camera requires connection to either an EZ-Bv4 WiFi Board: or EZ-B IoTiny:

This camera is optimized for computer vision. With EZ-Builder give your robot the gift of sight with machine learning and object tracking. This camera is capable of color tracking, objection recognition, facial recognition and more.


Documentation: Schematic PDF, Datasheet PDF, BOM

Hardware: Altium PCB design File, Altium SCH Design File, Gerbers

Firmware: Code, Compiled Binary


For profit use of these files requires written consent. Contact For everyone else party on!

Please see for license details.


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