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Reference design for the EZ-B IoTiny (E-20). It is a tiny form factor version of the EZ-Bv4. All the same features but in a smaller package.
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E-20 Documentation
E-20 Firmware
E-20 Hardware

E-20 EZ-B IoTiny

EZ-B IoTiny EZ-B IoTiny EZ-B IoTiny EZ-B IoTiny Roll Out

Introducing IoTiny, the tiniest Robot/IoT controller of the EZ-B family. Powered by a 100mhz Cortex M4 ARM processor, the form factor gives you the ability to use custom enclosures or fit in the tiniest of places. Invent new IoT projects by easily controlling and automating nearly anything over the internet.

A unique feature of the IoTiny is that it's application ready. With barrel jack for power and upward facing GVS servo/sensor pins the IoTiny doesn't need a breadboard or add-on board to actually be able to use it. It's stand-alone and ready to go!



Documentation: Schematic PDF, Datasheet PDF, BOM, Vector Model

Hardware: Altium PCB design File, Altium SCH Design File, Gerbers

Firmware: Compiled Hex for WiFi Module, Compiled Hex for Secondary PIC


For profit use of these files requires written consent. Contact For everyone else, party on!

Please see for license details.

Website Link:


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