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Syntro Opensource


  1. ssdev ssdev Public

    docker-based devenv manager for silverstripe projects

    JavaScript 4

  2. silverstripe-ssto silverstripe-ssto Public

    The SilverStripe Framework Installer for Syntro Projects

    Scheme 3 1

  3. silverstripe-seo silverstripe-seo Public

    Silverstripe module for easy SEO optimization of pages

    PHP 2

  4. silvershare silvershare Public

    Sharing configurator for SilverStripe websites

    PHP 1

  5. silverstripe-klaro silverstripe-klaro Public

    Integrates the consent window into silverstripe

    PHP 3

  6. action.deploy.silverstripe action.deploy.silverstripe Public

    Action to deploy a silverstripe project to a host using Ansible


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