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Small library for filling beans with random data.
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Small library for recursively filling java beans with random data.


BeanFiller beanfiller = new BeanFiller();
Bean bean = beanfiller.fillBean(Bean.class);

Currently supported Object Types

Boolean (and boolean)
Byte (and byte)
Character (and char)
Double (and double)
Float (and float)
Integer (and int)
List (using ArrayList)
Long (and long)
Map (using HashMap)
Short (and short)

Bean members of your Bean are scanned recursively for the above classes and are also being filled.

Simple workflow of BeanFiller

BeanFiller -> Strategy -> Creator -> Criteria

The BeanFiller gets the approriate Strategy for the given class to fill, which then calls the corresponding Creator for this class to create it. The Creator relies on a Criteria to provide some edge conditions like min and max values for numbers. This happens recursively, so other Beans within your Beans also get filled.

You can haevily customise the BeanFiller by:

  • adding your own Strategies
  • adding your own Creators or replacing the standard Creators
  • adding your own Criterias or replacing / reconfiguring the standard Criterias

TODO more documentation in the readme

For more information, see javadoc and tests.

next up

  • Documentation in the
  • JSR303 Bean Validation Extension
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