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h1. Hades

This Project is superseded by "Spring Data JPA":

h2. Overview

Hades is a utility library to work with Data Access Objects implemented with Spring and JPA. The main goal is to ease the development and operation of a data access layer in applications.

To get a first impression of what the library can do for you, you should read the Quickstart or the Rationale. A good next step might be reading through the "reference documentation":

h2. Features

* Implementation of CRUD methods for JPA Entities
* Transparent triggering of JPA queries by finder methods
* Dynamic query generation from finder method names
* Implementation domain base classes providing basic properties
* Support for transparent auditing (created, last changed)
* Possibility to integrate custom DAO code
* Easy Spring integration with custom namespace
* Extensions library to integrate with Spring PropertyEditors and ConversionService (2.x)
* Eclipse plugin to integrate with Spring IDE
* OSGi ready bundles and sample application

h2. Maven integration

After that integrating Hades is just a matter of declaring the dependency:
<pre><code class="xml">

Make sure you add the persistence provider of your choice, too.

Whereas the release versions of Hades are available via Maven central, you might want to add our snapshot repository in case you want to try out new features.

<pre><code class="xml">
<name>Sonatype snapshot repository</name>

h2. Documentation


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