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Google Apps compatible meeting room reservator
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'Reservator in its natural habitat' photo Reservator in its natural habitat


Reservator is an Android application for displaying and reserving meeting rooms. The application uses Google’s resources as meeting rooms. If you want to add a room to the application, you have to create a calendar for your resource and sync your account with the tablet. Help for sharing resources and for creating calendars for shared resources. We recommend setting up a unique Google account for the tablet itself.

This application is meant for tablets so there are a few layout problems when using it on mobile.


This application was created as an internal project for Futurice's office in Helsinki and nowadays it is used at every Futurice office. It was open sourced as a part of the Summer of Love program.

Reservator is now available for free on Google Play, and we've written about it in Futurice blog too.

About Futurice

Futurice is a lean service creation company with offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Berlin and London.

People who have contributed to Reservator:


Pull requests and new issues are of course welcome. If you have any questions, comments or feedback you can contact us by email at We will try to answer your questions, but we have limited manpower so please, be patient with us. If you or your company decides to use this, feel also free to send us pictures of your setups.

This is the fork version created by synyx.

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