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Toolchain Example

The vagrant sub folder contains a multi-machine configuration using Nexus, Jenkins and Rundeck as a pipeline infrastructure.

The toolchain moves an simple webapp from build (jenkins), to publish (nexus), then deploy (rundeck).

Rundeck contains a set of plugins and jobs that check for artifacts in the nexus repo and deploys them, recording their locations to the Rundeck resource model.

See some screenshots.

Configuration properties

The plugin requires several configuration properties defined so it knows how to access the nexus server. Rundeck can be configured globally via the or per project using

Nexus: Nexus server URL. eg, and without a nexus context,

  • configure project:
  • configure framework:

Nexus User: Nexus login name

  • configure project:
  • configure framework:

Nexus Password: Nexus login password

  • configure project:
  • configure framework:

Model Source Directory: Directory where model source data is stored.

  • configure project:
  • configure framework:
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