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Professional storytelling risen to the next level - achievable for everyone!

Screenshot of the Tales editor

What is Tales?

Tales is invented to create browser-run presentations based on arbitrary images - easily and fast. All you need is an image, which then serves as the central theme of your presentation. By zooming into and out of details in this image, you tell your Story: Tales overcomes the boundedness of isolated slides and allows you to focus on connections and details of what you think is worth telling the world! And based on the very same image your Stories can easily be customized, e.g. to address audiences with different backgrounds or time restrictions for your presentation. Just control the depth by which you zoom into details, but never lose the possibility to navigate at will through your Story.

Why using Tales?

Ordinary slide-based presentations normally are composed of mostly text and bullet points. Using text to communicate information is good - but the processing depth of the brain of an image is much deeper! So, compared to ordinary slides, presenting your Story based on an image makes it easier and more fun for your audience to follow and to not lose focus and interest. They will be thrilled by your ideas! As a side effect, you can directly use your Story as an offline product, by printing it e.g. on paper, t-shirts or tissues.

Hard facts:

  • No need to register for a user account
  • Just download Tales and start working on your story - no complicated installation process is needed
  • Tales is free and Open Source - no hidden costs, no costly license model
  • Tell your Tale on your website - easily export the Tale to HTML


You are the Bookbinder and the Storyteller! The image you use is the idea you want to convey, that is the Tale you want to tell. Your Tale consists of several Sections (that replace slides), which are assembled in the Storyline of your Tale. Chapters can further structure your Sections, making the Story more understandable.


All you need is a computer running Windows, Linux or MacOS – and the image with your Tale! :) Tales supports all kinds of image formats, from simple JPEGs to sophisticated vector graphics like SVGs.


  • Download the latest release of Tales for your platform. Usually only the tales-desktop-... version is needed.
  • Execute the downloaded file.


Set up your first Tale.

  • Create an image that tells the Tale you want to share.
  • Start Tales.
  • Enter the name of your Tale and press enter.
  • Choose the Tale you want to tell, that is the path to your image on your computer.
  • Now press Ctrl (or cmd on a Mac) and use your mouse to create your Sections.
  • Check your Tale in the Storyline. Drag and drop to rearrange slides or press Delete to remove a slide.
  • Press Tell! and tell your Tale by using the left and right arrows of your keyboard to navigate between the sections.
  • Press Escape to return to the editor.

A video tutorial is coming soon!


Some examples of already existing Tales:

  • What is Tales: A Tale about Tales
  • Unternehmen im Wandel
  • Umgekehrte Architekturanalyse im Datastore Umfeld
  • Ihr redet über Resilience und wisst nicht was CAP und Co ist?
  • Eine kleine Reise durch NoSQL


  • Install git, make, go and nodejs
  • Build with make all
  • Start with make run
  • Visit in your browser
  • Start hacking! 🙂


Apache 2.0