synyx presentation style for everyone
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synyx presentation style for everyone


ensure installed

  • NodeJS v8

Note: there is also a npm-in-docker bash script which executes all commands within a docker container. so you don't have to have local node/npm binaries. however, it is recommended to use a local installation since this is much more performant. To use the npm-in-docker script simply replace all npm commands below with ./npm-in-docker (e.g. ./npm-in-docker install or ./npm-in-docker run test)

checkout this project

git clone

and install all dependencies

npm install

Then you can start the configured webpack-dev-server which provides the application on http://localhost:8080

npm run dev

Hot Module Replacement ist enabled.
So saving an edited JavaScript file for instance will update the opened Browsertab automatically 🎉

Git hooks

Installing the project dependencies via npm install will setup following git hooks.

  • pre-commit
    The pre-commit hook formats all edited files with prettier.

  • pre-push
    The pre-push hook will run the tests before anything is pushed to the origin.