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Discord RSS bot with customizable feeds
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Driven by the lack of comprehensive RSS bots available, I have decided to try my hand at creating one of my own. Designed with as much customization as possible for both users and bot hosters, while also (or should be) easy to understand.

All documentation can be found at

Setting Up via Cloning Repository (for most people)


Setting Up with Existing Client

The fastest way to using Discord.RSS with an existing discord.js client with npm:

npm install discord.rss
const Discord = require('discord.js')
const DiscordRSS = require('discord.rss')

const client = new Discord.Client()
const drss = new DiscordRSS.Client({ database: { uri: './sources' } }) // File-based sources instead of Mongo

drss.login(client) // Can be done before or after the client is 'ready'

or create a new client:

const DiscordRSS = require('discord.rss')

const drss = new DiscordRSS.Client({ database: { uri: './sources' } }) // Optional config overrides

There are multiple ways of integrating Discord.RSS programmatically - see here for more information. For full features, use a mongodb database.uri instead of a directory.

Built With

Core Functions

Customization Functions

Deploy to Heroku

You can deploy in a simple way to Heroku using the button below.

Deploy to Heroku

If you want to deploy manually you should go to the settings of your applications and add a "Config Var" DRSS_DISCORD_TOKEN with the token of your discord bot.


Read the contribution guidelines. All the latest updates are commited to the dev branch.

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