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Emacs Test framework like Perl's Test::More
Emacs Lisp
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EL-TEST-MORE - Emacs test frameworket like Perl's Test::More

EL-TEST-MORE is inspired by Perl's Test::More and Common Lisp's CL-TEST-MORE.

EL-TEST-MORE support TAP(Test Anything Protocol), so that you can test elisp by prove command.


(require 'test-more)

(plan 3)

(ok (typep "test-more" 'string) "string type test")
(is (+ 1 1) 2 "add test")

(like "987" "^[0-9]+$")

;; Don't forget this

Test Functions

  • test-more:plan($num)

Plan to test $num tests. You should call test-more:plan at first.

  • test-more:finalize

Finalize this test file. You should call test-more:finalize at last.

  • test-more:ok($got [$desc])

Test $got is true.

  • test-more:is($got $expected [$desc])

Test $got equals to $expected. default test function is equal.

  • test-more:isnt

Test $got does not equals to $expected. default test function is equal.

  • test-more:diag($diag)

Output $diag as diagnostics

  • test-more:is-type($got $type [$desc])

Test type of $got is $type.

  • test-more:like($got $regexp [$desc])

Test $regexp matchs $got.

  • test-more:skip($why $how-many)

Skip $how-many tests.

  • test-more:pass($desc)

Always pass.

  • test-more:fail($desc)

Always failed.

Test Macros

  • test-more:is-print($form $expected [$desc])

Test output of $form to STDOUT equals to $expected

  • test-more:is-error($form [$desc])

Test $form throws exception.

  • test-more:todo($desc $forms)

Like Perl Test::More TODO block. test-more:todo is the mark that means tests in it will be implemented.

  • test-more:subtest(desc $forms)

Like Perl Test::More subtest. Group similar tests. Tests in test-more:subtest is treated one test.

  • test-more:done-testing($forms)

Like Perl Test::More done-testing.

Call Test Functions without test-more:prefix

You call (test-more:import) at first.

Support TAP(Test Anything Protocol)

EL-TEST-MORE supports TAP(Test Anything Protocol). You evaluate following elisp

(require 'test-more)

(plan 4)

(ok (typep "This is String" 'string) "first argument is true")

(is '(a b) '(a b) "first argument equals to second argument")
(like "987" "^[0-9]+$" "first argument matchs second argument which is regexp")

(fail "Failing test")


You get following output

ok 1 - first argument is true
ok 2 - first argument equals to second argument
ok 3 - first argument matchs second argument which is regexp
not ok 4 - Failing test
#  Looks like you failed 1 tests of 4 run

Run test with prove

You can test elisp file with following prove command

prove -v --exec='emacs -Q --batch -l test-more.el -l' test_files

To write .proverc makes you test easily.

--exec "emacs -Q --batch -L ~/.emacs.d/auto-install -l test-more.el -l"

and you can use following command for testing

prove -v test_files
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