tellitto - a notification tool for pager, SMS, etc.
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This is tellitto - a notification tool for pager, SMS, etc.

Using a tellitto.cfg configuration file, a command like

echo hello | tellitto bob

will try mutliple methods, in turn, to contact "bob", until one succeeds, or the possibilities are exhausted.

This is handy if you have multiple modmes, or web interfaces (or email) for sending text or SMS messages to phones or pagers.

Sample config fragment:

bob    pageuser bob
bob    smsgateway 12125551234
bob    clickatellgate 12125551234
bob    mail -s tellitto-notification

See the sample config file in tellitto/tellitto.cfg

It was originally written for use with Nagios notifications, but can be used as a generic (simple) SMS/pager frontend.

It works nicely with genoa.


You should be able to run "autoreconf" to create a configure script, and carry on from there.

If you have the fpm (Effing Package Management), you should be able to create an RPM or DEB with

./makepkg rpm
./makepkg deb


This distribution could use a little improvement.

I wrote this at FreshBooks #1 Cloud Accounting Specialist for Small Business Owners

See also

Feedback and suggestions greatly appreciated.

John Sellens