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Python tool to draw graphs for Mikado refactoring
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Mikado Graph

Python tool to draw graphs for Mikado refactoring.


Start by saving this description file as as example.txt

_ Extend X with Y
    x Remove flag Z from X
        x Replace D with E
            x Check C
    # Ignore this line
    _ Add field X in Y
        x Do fix A
        _ Add B
        x Check C

Then run

pip install mikado-graph
mikado example.txt --view

A new window should display the graph below

Example graph

Explore the options using --help

mikado --help

And learn more about the description file format below.

Graph description symbols

Parent/child dependency is encoded by indentation. The indentation must be the multiple of 4 spaces.

There are three kinds of nodes in the graph

  • Comments are prefixed by one of the following symbol: //, #
  • Done tasks (drawn in green) are prefixed by one of the following symbols: v, V, x, X
  • Pending tasks (drawn in red) are prefixed by any symbol that is not used by the above two choices. We recommend using _ to keep the description file human readable

Dev & Deploy

Deploy by running

python sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/*

Known issues

  • graphviz will always save a temporary file when asked to render the graph.
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