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My arduino hacks
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Arduino hacks and fun

Makershield test

I got through soldering the thing together. Am I done? No! Run this test to declare victory!




Connect all makershield parts to arduino:

  • POT to A1
  • LED1 to D2
  • LED2 to D3
  • BTN1 to D4


Hold the button (BTN1) for 1 second to turn it ON or OFF. When OFF, all LEDs will be off. When ON, the LED1 is always on, LED2 brightness reflects the pot. The update rate is 10 Hz, but it's easy to change.

Here's a couple working pictures. I used a Mega 2560, because my Uno was running my lights controller (coming soon):

ON, POT at max: ON, pot at max

ON, POT at midway: ON, pot midway

ON, POT at min: ON, pot at min


Why TDD?

Tracking down a problem in a large project is tough. Do I understand the schematic ? (prob. I don't) Are parts OK? What's wrong?

To simplify things, we make sure that parts work well in isolation. This test verifies that the makershield components are doing what they're supposed to do. If something is wrong, you can fix it before adding your own project.

For example, my BTN1 was not working. I found that it is not connected to the ground. A simple extra wire did the trick:


Chess clock

Touch buttons

Plug in 4 jumper wires into pins 8,9,10,11. Run the chess_clock/touchbuttons sketch. You'd see arrays of 4 elements showing

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