.NET library for loading and saving the Nintendo BFRES graphics archive format.
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This .NET library provides easy access to data stored in the BFRES Nintendo graphics archive file format (most prominently used to store 3D game models), allows to modify the data and save new files.

More details are found on the wiki.

Supported Features

  • Load all subfiles and their sections of a BFRES file (Wii U versions 3.x).
  • Helper classes simplify modifying data sections, like VertexBufferHelper allowing strongly-typed access to edit VertexBuffer data.
  • Save new or modified BFRES files written from scratch.
  • Quickly run scripts on BFRES files able to access the whole API with the ResScript tool.
  • Parse BFRES files visually in 010 Editor with the provided binary templates.

The following features are not yet implemented, but planned:

  • Simplified modification of AnimCurve instances and better handling of key data.
  • Classes mapping typical ExternalFile contents (like BFSHA shader data), manually loadable on demand.

The following features are not planned:

  • Accessing raw header data (like file offsets). Since this can be useful for injection tools, it might be implemented on demand (please submit a feature request).
  • Deswizzling texture data.
  • Implementing the Switch BFRES format due to substantial changes in it, another library may target this in the future.

NuGet Package

It is not required to download the library in source and compile it yourself, as a typically up-to-date NuGet package exists.


You can ask questions and suggest features on Discord aswell. Feel free to join the NintenTools channel on the Syroot server!