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Icinga 2 Plugin to get thing and item count (aka stats) or item state
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Table of Contents

  1. About
  2. Requirements
  3. Arguments
  4. Icinga 2 CheckCommand
  5. Examples
  6. Contributing

What's this all about? helps you to integrate your openHAB 2 installation with Icinga 2.

One difficulty is, that there are naturally several different types of items:

  • Number items like temperature or humidity
  • Switch items which are typically ON or OFF
  • Contact items which are typically OPEN or CLOSED
  • Player items which can be PLAY, PAUSE and so on
  • ...

And of course all items could be in unknown state when restarting; to avoid a lot of unnecessary noise you should use a persistence service of your choice to get all items in defined (last known) states on restart.


  • openHAB 2 - openHAB 1.x will not work!
  • python-2.7.x with argparse, sys and requests enabled


Argument Description
--host / -H Required. Host your openHAB 2 installation is running on
--port / -P Port your openHAB 2 REST API is listening on. Default: 8080
--protocol Choose either HTTP or HTTPS. Default: HTTP
--stats / -S Get thing and item count for your openHAB 2. Supports perfdata. Mutually exclusive to --item
--item / -I Check a specific item (see examples below). Mutually exclusive to --stats
--warning / -W Value Icinga 2 should exit WARNING for (see examples)
--critical / -C Value Icinga 2 should exit CRITICAL for (see examples)

Icinga 2 CheckCommand

object CheckCommand "openhab2" {
    import "plugin-check-command"
    command = [ PluginDir + "/" ]
    arguments += {
        "--protocol" = "$openhab2_protocol$"
        "--host" = "$openhab2_host$"
        "--port" = "$openhab2_port$"
        "--item" = {
		description = "openHAB 2 item name"
		value = "$openhab2_item$"
        "--warning" = "$openhab2_warning$"
        "--critical" = "$openhab2_critical$"
        "--stats" = {
		description = "General openHAB 2 stats"
		set_if = "$openhab2_stats$"
        "--timeout" = "$openhab2_timeout$"
    vars.openhab2_host = "$address$"
    vars.openhab2_stats = false


Performance data are processed in the following use cases:

  • when using with --stats
  • when using the script with --item and it is an item of type Number

Getting openHAB 2 stats

$ ./ --host --port 8080 --protocol http --stats
openHAB OK - 36 things and 200 items in openHAB 2 system with UUID 02bb75e1-6195-4154-ae0f-c0b6a5ee6709.|openhab_items=200;;;; openhab_things=36;;;;

Screenshot: Stats Check Example

Check number item with thresholds

$ ./ --host --port 8080 --item Wetter_Temperatur --warning 18 --critical 20
openHAB CRITICAL - Wetter_Temperatur=21.4;18;20;;

Screenshot: Number Item Check Example

Check Switch item with threshold

$ ./ --host --port 8080 --item Schlafzimmer_0_Fenster --warning OPEN


If you're interested in contributing?

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