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Protocol? #125

marcoscaceres opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The spec says:

Since call states can differ depending on the protocol, the telephony call objects contain information which identifies the service and the protocol used for making the call.

I don't see a way of getting the protocol from TelephonyCall or ConferenceCall or CallHandler? What am I missing?


That should be in TelephonyService, but we only have the serviceId now. There are 3 options: 1) introduce TelephonyService, 2) include the information in every call, or 3) embed it into the serviceId (which becomes a JSON string).


4) remove mention of protocol from the sentence above?

I guess we need to think about some of the implications of exposing the protocol. What are the use cases for knowing the protocol? what are some of the potential security risks of an attacker knowing the protocol?


Giri and Dan (from AT&T) also expressed the need for the dialers to know the protocol, since it defines a context for the states. I can't see security implications on client side. The information could be extracted anyway, but this would make it easy for developers. This information may not be available.

See also #53.


Ok, maybe we should start seriously discussing adding a TelephonyService (as per #53). Or should we initially just expose protocol as an attribute of TelephonyCall?


Once you will have finished the nolegacy transition, we can start the discussion. I will play with various options until then.

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