Enable lid wake for Intel Graphics Card on macOS
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This kext (actually Lilu friend) provides you the ability to fix the lid wake issue after resuming from sleep on macOS. Comparing the previous binary patch, EnableLidWake (v3.4+) gives you a more natural, effective and general way to fix the internal display sleep issue in memory.


Lilu.kext 1.2.0 and later macOS version that is greater than 10.10.2 (because previous OS X do not have this issue) Inject correct ig-platform-id for your system.


Place it under any bootloader injection folder or /Library/Extensions then reboot.


  • vit9696 for his Lilu - a kext that patches kext and processes.
  • coderobe for his xcodeproj file linkage to Lilu's API
  • syscl for his dynamic lid wake patches and natural put back method

Copyright (c) 2017-2018 syscl and coderobe. All rights reserved.