macOS patches for Dell XPS 13 9350 (Skylake)

macOS on DELL XPS13 (9350)

This project targets at giving the relatively complete functional macOS for XPS13 9350. Before you start, there's a brief introduction of how to finish powering up macOS on your laptop:

  1. Create a vanilla installation disk (USB or other removable disk). (Google how to)
  2. Install Clover with UEFI only and UEFI64Drivers to the installation disk just created.
  3. Replace the original CLOVER folder with the one under my Git/XPS9350-macOS/CLOVER.
  4. Change BIOS settings to the following
  • Disable Secure Boot
  • Set SATA Operation to AHCI
  1. Boot to USB and hit F4 and/or Fn-F4 to capture ACPI tables to the USB
  2. Install macOS but do not reboot until you have finished steps 7 and 8, below.
  3. Install Clover with UEFI only and UEFI64Drivers to SSD.
  4. Replace the original CLOVER folder on the SSD with the one from the USB drive under my Git/XPS9350-macOS/CLOVER.
  5. Once you finish installation of macOS, you can do the following steps to finish the post installation of macOS

How to use

Download the latest version installation package/directory by entering the following command in a terminal window:

git clone

This will download the whole installation directory to your current directory(./) and the next step is to change the permissions of the file (add +x) so that it can be run.

cd XPS9350-macOS
chmod +x ./

Run the script in a terminal windows by(Note: You should dump the ACPI tables by pressing F4/Fn+F4 under Clover first and then execute the following command lines):


Reboot your macOS to see the change. If you have any problem about the script, try to run deploy in DEBUG mode by

./ -d


  • VoodooPS2Controller is recommended on macOS Sierra(10.12+)
  • AppleSmartTouchPad users(recommend on 10.11-): for two finger scrolling you need to change the speed of the Scrolling once to get it work and also have to enable them in Trackpad preferences.


This months I have 2 dues and 2 more midterm exams(Only two weeks left for us to struggling two exams in just one subject???), so I will be a bit slower. What I will do next week are listed below

  • Try to merge @squash- 's autogen serial, uuid pull request

Change Log


  • Correct 2finger tap value (c) syscl
  • Mute VoodooPS2 spam log (c) syscl
  • Correct tochpad resolution for XPS 13(Broadwell/Skylake/Kabylake) (c) syscl
  • Sync to @icedman latest VoodooPS2 source
  • Use SSDT to power up USB, deprecate kernel extension injector (c) syscl
  • Added Apple Super Drive support for each USB port (c) syscl
  • darkwake to fix lid wake require extra key press issue
  • Disable autopoweroff


  • X86PlatformPluginInjector ready (c) syscl
  • Prevent patching RecoveryHD per call (c) syscl
  • Sync fixUSB to latest version: 2016-12-08 with speed optimization


  • X86PlatformPluginInjector method is ready for both Kabylake and Skylake XPS 13 model (c) syscl
  • Updated port injector to support MacBook8,1, MacBookPro13,x (c) syscl
  • Updated sleep: add deep sleep & deep idle properties as per Pike R. Alpha


  • HWP full power management(CPU + iGPU) is ready credit syscl, Pike
  • Tiny SSDT-pr for all XPS 13(Skylake/Kabylake) to active HWP is ready credit dpassmor, we don't need to use ssdtPRGen anymore
  • Dell SMBIOS truncate issue fixed credit David Passmore


  • Inject more Audio properties(see System Report -> PCI) for ALC3246 credit @Mirone
  • Inject ARPT and deprecate PXSX for RP05(Wi-Fi device on XPS 13 9350/9360)
  • Cleanup and minor bugs fixed in deploy


  • Inject Device(USBX) with properties and _DSM method rewrite credit syscl
  • Fix shutdown become reboot issue #29
  • Added _SSD, GTF0 method credit syscl
  • Added IONVMeFamily Preferred Block Size 0x10 -> 0x01 credit Pike R. Alpha implement by syscl
  • Updated port0000 setting for 0x19260004 credit syscl


  • Enable IOPCIFamily to set tolerance latency for PCI devices (c) syscl
  • Prepare for @icedman 's VoodooPS2Controller(tuned by syscl)
  • Fixed RP0X rename issue


  • Inject SsdtS3 from MacBook credit syscl's stripple down
  • Added port injector for XHC/EHC credit syscl


  • Inject NVMe power management properties credit Pike R. Alpha("use-msi", "nvme-LPSR-during-S3-S4") syscl("deep-idle")


  • Use refs.txt to try to fix issue #18 credit @x4080 who reminded to use refs.txt
  • Updated rebuild kernel cache command


  • Remove _PRW, _PSW in PWRB(PNP0C0C)
  • RP09::ARPT->RP09::SSD0 (c) syscl
  • Remove pnp0c14
  • _T_2 ->T_2
  • Rename definition block


  • Fixed update/sync file issue


  • Rename HDAS->HDEF for layout to inject successfully


  • Updated FaceTimeHD keys from MacBookPro13,2
  • Cleanup redundant kexts
  • Sort kexts and sync 10.11's kexts
  • _PWR val fixed
  • PXSX to ARPT


  • HWP is ready
  • Boot issue should go away; xh_rvp07 must be included


  • Fixed audio injection bug causes by Clover
  • Updated 3 cpu models i5-6200, i7-6500, i7-6560 SSDT-pr
  • Resolve hp distortion and static noise
  • Optimization CC credit syscl
  • Updated BT driver for DW1830
  • Fixed stuck of some function in deploy
  • Fixed SSDT-pr installation issue


  • Auto correct reset val and address from FACP
  • Added HDMI property
  • Updated DisplayLink Driver to 2.6.0


  • Fixed/refined DSDT patch
  • Reading FACP to correct reset value and reset address credit syscl
  • Remove Glan patch


  • Fix MDBG issue credit syscl
  • Fix word field mismatch issue credit syscl
  • Fix brightness key function credit azlvda, tdmsn


  • Refined lid wake issue: 0a -> 0f for 0x19260004 credit syscl


  • Sync fixUSB to latest version: 2016-9-17


  • Fixed the Sunix camera issue I mentioned before credit syscl


  • Fixed boot issue by AddClockID and FixOwnership
  • Fixed syntax error
  • Correct frame buffer name for SKL


  • Inject PMCR then macOS will combine PPMC together to make AppleIntelPCHPMC load correctly credit syscl


  • Fixed reboot unstable issue and speed up reboot progress ResetAddress = 0xB2 and ResetValue = 0x73 credit syscl


  • Added lspci to list all pci devices


  • Correct SKL laptops' internal display connector type from LVDS to eDP credit syscl
  • Added lid wake auto patches for
  • Inject SSDT-XPS13SKL.aml


  • PPMC -> PMCR
  • Insert DMAC for macOS credit syscl
  • Make Device (MATH) load correctly credit syscl
  • SBTN -> SLPB with _STA 0x0B credit syscl
  • Eliminate SgRef


  • Fixed HD520 glitches on Sierra credit Pikeralpha
  • Eliminate redundant acpi table & patches


  • Fixed brightness save issue: EmuVariableUefi-64 + RC.Script


  • Fixed screen blank when resume from sleep credit syscl/lighting/Yating Zhou


  • First commit