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Changes to the website are made by pull-request in order to facilitate review process.

All pull-requests must pass the continuous integration tests which test HTML validity, links and images.

Anyone may participate in the review process. All comments and ACK/NACKs will be taken into consideration but the decision about merging rests with the website maintainers.

Content Policy

The purpose of the website is to be an official mouthpiece for the Syscoin Core project as well as be a resource for technical information that has a direct impact on Syscoin Core software. This can include research, presentations, and developer blogs.

Where proposed content is about Syscoin Core project policy, there should rough consensus of the Syscoin Core project maintainers as a minimum bar and final decision is with the Syscoin Core project lead.

Translation Process

Translation of the website is done manually for now.

Each document has a header called "Front Matter", which looks something like this:

title: Clarifying Communications of the Syscoin Core project
name: clarifying-communications
id: en-clarifying-communications
lang: en
permalink: /en/2016/01/28/clarification/
layout: post
type: post
layout: post

Translators should only translate the title: field, and change the language code in the id:, lang: and permalink: fields. For example the above would be translated for zh_CN as:

title: 有关Syscoin Core沟通渠道的澄清
name: clarifying-communications
id: zh_cn-clarifying-communications
lang: zn_CN
permalink: /zh_CN/2016/01/28/clarification/
type: post
layout: post

Notice the remaining fields are left untranslated.

Important note

Please be careful when translating Markdown formatting, this must be exact (including spaces). Markdown titles require a space after the header tags, e.g. ## Title.

Translations, as well as languages.yml, translations.yml and navigation.yml should be translated and submitted as normal pull-requests.


The code and documentation of this website are licensed under MIT license and all contributors agree to irrevocably license their contributions under the same license.

Unless specified in the header of the file, the website content in _posts/ of this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License: CC-BY-SA and all contributors agree to irrevocably license their content under the same license.