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@Keyare Keyare released this Jun 8, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

Syscoin White Label asset wallet

The Fusion Wallet project provides Syscoin token creators the ability to offer a customized wallet for their specific token(s). Syscoin token project developers can also offer wallet skins to users or branded wallets.

Syscoin Fusion will natively, in it's white label format, allow the user to interact with Syscoin and ALL Syscoin tokens in a wallet.

Moderate customization is achieved by changing a single file fusion.conf. This can include: Splash screen, Locking the wallet to a single token or an array of tokens, wallet colours, text colours and background logo. Layout and additional customization is possible through CSS modifications.

Project creators can also create and distribute tokens directly in the wallet.

Fusion is an HTML GUI wallet built in Electron-React-Boilerplate

Refactored for Syscoin 4

• Removed aliases and avatars
• Added support for send-to-address
• Improved console
• Added links to block explorer on asset transaction lists
• Added Fusion debug logging
• Added token creation functionality
• Added support for asset/token ownership and distribution
• Better support for multiple OS
• added console button to Tools tab. Updated tests
• fixes wrong assets being shown in wallet summary
• fixed duplicated row issue in sys transactions table. deleted logs
• claim interest in dashboard WIP
• add claim interest option
• Implemented claimAll button
• added cog icon with actions dropdown in token table
• added checks to see if interest is claimable
• claim all interests working. UI fixes pending
• UI fixes for global interest claim
• Merge branch 'interest' into 'master'
• implemented i18n
• adds i18n support and en_US localization
• fixed required param error in send-button component. Added localization to unlock modal
• some localization fixes. Added es_ES
• added change language test. Fixed localization errors
• sys allocation transaction fixes
• fixed success messages. Not rounding balance to second decimal anymore. Updated test
• Added 'label' locale. Workaround for SYS transactions table output. Fixed transactions from other aliases in Asset transactions table
• table correctly format numbers and not removing digits anymore. Updated test
• Add new file
• Add new file
• added chines and dutch localizations
• replaced default splashscreen and app icons
• changed splash image to a higher res one
• Update chi_CN.json
• sys transactions shows as expected
• fix tests
• fixes custom avatar in aliases
• aliases container stretches vertically correctly when resized
• Update nl_DUT.json
• refractored asset section: making it more modular
• rework left panel: making Accounts component more modular
• Merge branch '18n' into 'i18n'
• solves slow loading issue by increasing alias/addresses updating time. Removed console log
• rework SEND tab, changed general look of the tab, added changeTab actions/reducers
• added test for SEND_CHANGE_TAB
• alias info shown when click on alias. Tests pending
• shows balance on select asset in send asset form
• shows balance on select asset in send asset form. Update test
• Balance is now capitalized instead of uppercase
• not showing error anymore when selecting an alias without aliases. Updated test
• fix console json and highlight in alias information
• Merge branch 'fix_issues' into 'master'
• modify startup for sys4
• fix balance, sync, and statup for sys4, create action for get balance
• fix send sys, remove claim interests,
• fix send assets, backup wallet, import wallet, get private key function, style for asset box,
• fix assets transactions list, selected alias, assets list, change syscoin js instance
• fix broken imports and startup
• fixes crash in address details and list
• debug init cli with getinfo flag
• fix create-asset script
• Merge branch 'test_syscoin_js_fork' of into test_syscoin_js_fork
• updated a few translations
• update create assets script
• Merge branch 'test_syscoin_js_fork' of into test_syscoin_js_fork
• fix balance, and create function for create asset
• fix balance issue
• fixes assets by address/asset transactions/sys transactions
• send asset form fix
• removing precommit for emergency lol sys4 coming, changing a lot of things. Test might break. FML
• using new version of listassetindexassets
• fixes send asset
• remove console.log
• modified create-asset script
• using only assetallocation send now, token transaction table working again, just showing first allocation though
• fixes dashboard token balance
• processes quit successfully when app is closed. fixed console warnings
• destroy windows on close from outside app
• paginated SYS transactions table correctly
• fixed token transactions table. Removed bunyan and moved syscoin-js to main package.json
• add pagination in all tables, multiple fixes
• multiple css fixes in production, added .env.example
• replacing syscoinlistreceivedbyaddress with listaddressgroupings. Fixed bug in sys transactions
• removed toFixed in dashboard balance
• added alt to image
• fixes dashboard token balance
• asset transactions now only showing amount, removed expandable row. Added geth files
• removed Address label from address list
• remove comment field from asset send
• showing check icon when wallet is fully synced. Changed some translations
• implemented console history
• Delete syscoin-tx.exe
• Delete syscoin-wallet.exe
• Delete syscoinbench.exe
• From column replaced by Address in token transaction table
• addresses with label are on top of the alias container list
• wallet lock now working again
• cleanup before asset lock rework
• fix multiples bugs in asset lock, replaces address avatar for QR code
• assetinfo expecting number instead of string
• add get new address button
• fixes sync percentage calc
• add a star if is owner of asset
• close sysd correctly when all windows are closed
• using assetsend when is asset owner. Replacing publicvalue with symbol
• added star to asset owned in send dropdown
• edited some english strings
• calling dashboardTransactionsError action correctly
• adds label editing
• replaced splashscreen and logos, changed theme colors slightly
• changed progress bad style in splashscreen, fixed bug where transaction table wont update
• removed console logs
• added filter address/label feat
• Tools is now grouped in several areas
• changeFormTab action rework
• added all Asset tools UI, actions and reducers
• asset create is working
• showing asset and tokens balance in dashboard
• fixed table warnings
• showing label instead of address if available in send token
• fixed issue where balances could be shown more than twice in total tokens & assets
• address filter ignores uppercase letters
• added asset update. Reset form on asset update and create
• add tooltips when focusing asset form fields
• not creating SyscoinCore folder at startup anymore
• doesnt select multiple guids when owning tokens and asset on send tab
• fixes selecting asset/token in available tokens/asset section
• remove unused files
• update flags renamed to permissions, update flags are not radio inputs, send asset button from address information section works properly for assets owned
• address balance shows the correct amount (mix between listreceivedbyaddress and listaddressgroupings)
• adds getfusiondata custom command from console
• removes flatten from window object
• fixes sync info on production
• creates and updates debug.log on error
• push error to logs from splashscreen
• splashscreen posting to debug.log correctly (i hope)
• Cmd+V works on Inputs, Ctrl+V has to, too
• Update favicon.ico
• Update icon.icns
• Update icon.ico
• fixes communication issues on w10. fixes grey brick on failed call
• binaries for windows
• Merge branch 'pasteOnInputs' into asset-tools
• ignoring more
• remove all
• Merge branch 'dev-sys4' into asset-tools
• remove colons from startup.js
• address now has its own line on address information
• give more time to sysd to close. Add fallback row to transaction parse util
• Fixes close syscoind on exit
• non segwit and 0 balance addresses not available while creating an asset
• cant click on send until filled all required values
• only show addresses that belongs to you
• address name doesnt touch actions when selected
• menu depends on OS
• Merge branch 'menubardependonOS' into asset-tools
• Merge branch 'asset-tools' into dev-sys4
• shows error if syscoind is already running
• fusion will throw error if syscoind or qt is open
• shows change addresses in address list
• Merge branch 'asset-tools' into 'dev-sys4'
• installer background and high res icons
• add list address options ui
• added option to toggle change addresses
• run syscoind as demon to fix the stdout maxBuffer limit
• Merge branch 'binsForMac' into dev-sys4
• Moved to and Pre-released
• Moved to Github for community testing. Please submit all issues to
• syscoin-js removed, added fusion-syscoin-js
• solve merge conflict
• regenerate package-lock

Upgrading from previous versions of Syscoin

  • If you have already upgraded to Syscoin 4.0.1, you only need to install Fusion
  • Fusion creates a data directory called "Syscoin" in your data path if you do not have one. If you have one from a previous installation of Syscoin 2, you will need to rename it Syscoin2 or you will encounter errors attempting to read incompatible data. The data paths are found here:
    MAC: /Users/[YOURUSERNAME]/Library/Application Support/
    WINDOWS: C:\Users[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\
  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of Syscoin you will need to follow the upgrade instructions:

Build Instructions

  • Clone this repository.
  • Run npm install.
  • Copy syscoin dependencies (syscoind and syscoin-cli) into extra folder. If you skip this step, you will receive an error during wallet initialization.

To run in dev mode

  • Run npm run dev.

To build binaries

  • Run npm run package to build the version for the OS you're currently running. Run npm run package-all if you want to attempt building binaries for all platforms.
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Jun 7, 2019
import v0.13.3

@argvil19 argvil19 released this Jan 21, 2019


relies to Date object instead of manual calc for nextChargeDate calc
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@argvil19 argvil19 released this Dec 12, 2018 · 182 commits to master since this release

Merge branch 'cli-to-rpc' into 'master'

Cli to rpc, add a bunch of tests, removes a lot of unused stuff, general fixes

See merge request Syscoin-Fusion/Fusion!17
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