Public location for issue reporting on the Blockmarket Desktop public data, built using Syscoin blockchain technology.
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Blockmarket Desktop Public

This is the public issue and release space for Blockchain Foundry's Blockmarket product. Blockmarket's source code is proprietary but this repository serves as a location for issue tracking and releases for Blockmarket Desktop binaries.

Blockmarket is intended to be a complete replacement for all of the Syscoin QT Wallet's consumer facing functionality outside of masternode-functions.

Blockmarket Desktop Status: 3.2.0 | Download 3.2.0

Help By Reporting Issues

If you run into a bug, problem, or are which you feel could be improved please check to see if the issue has already been reported, if it has not please log a new issue.

Blockmarket Offer JSON Spec

Blockmarket stores offer data as a HTML-entity encoded JSON object within the offer.description field in the following format:

interface OfferDescription {
  description: string;
  images: string[];

SHA-256 checksums

Releases will be published with SHA-256 checksum string. Here is how to get or check the checksums of a downloaded file.


SHA-256: openssl sha -sha256 Blockmarket-3.2.0.dmg


SHA-256: shasum -a 256 Blockmarket-3.2.0.dmg


SHA-256: certUtil -hashfile Blockmarket Setup 3.2.0.exe sha256