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Official Syscoin 2.0 wallet. Major milestone for Syscoin development and introduces a large number of new RPC command and features some of which include:

  • All features use blockchain technology
  • Decentralized Marketplace
  • Name Aliases for easier addressing
  • Full Affiliate system for reselling, reseller discounts, and more
  • Private selling
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Digital Certificates on the blockchain which can be directly sold on the Marketplace
  • Decentralized price pegging
  • Third party arbitrated escrow for secure transactions and buying with confidence

Syscoin 2.0 runs on an entirely different blockchain than previous versions of Syscoin. Only the coin balances from Syscoin 1.0 will transfer to 2.0. Entities such as Aliases, Offers, etc on the original Syscoin blockchain will be discarded.

For instructions on how to convert from Syscoin 1.x to Syscoin 2.0 please visit our FAQ.