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Syscoin 4.0.3 Release

@sidhujag sidhujag released this
· 25807 commits to master since this release
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This is a non-mandatory upgrade.

Multiple bug fixes:

  1. Bitcoin bug fixes
  2. Fix Linux build by removing --enable-glibc-back-compat. This means that older versions of Linux that run older version of glibc (2.11 or older) will not be officiallyy endorsed and we recommend these users upgrade.
  3. Remove legacy Bitcoin address scheme, we recommend exchanges/service to move to bech32 address schemes.
  4. Fix bug that didn’t let relayer/geth run in Rinkeby mode
  5. Fixed zmqnetworkstatus/zmqwalletrawtx functionality
  6. Fixed a network propagation issue introduced by Bitcoin bitcoin#14987 and merged in bitcoin#15834
  7. Updated relayer to 1.0.14 with ability to run in testnet mode
  8. Add sendfrom rpc function to send sys via an address as a source, is blockchain agnostic and doesn’t require the wallet except for fee calculations. Returns unsigned raw hex which must be signed and sent to the network similar to all of the syscoin specific transactions.
  9. Fixed bug in the wallet input selection algorithm which was skipping over addresses associated with asset allocations erroneously. You should only care about this if you are using the Asset Index.
  10. Cookie auth fallback for those that do not run syscoin with a syscoin.conf file present. This ensures that RPC settings are passed to the relayer as per the cookie file. It is overrides if user specifies rpcuser/rpcpassword in the conf file.


  • Follow previous upgrade procedure, just pull from 4.0.3 tag and build.