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Syscoin 4.1.3 Release

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@willyko willyko released this
· 23913 commits to master since this release

A target block height of 448000 has been set for upgrade deadline.
Nodes not upgraded to Syscoin Core 4.1.3 may have issue syncing up to the network past block 448000
After the block height, 2 new changes will be activated on the network

  1. The ability to bridge all ERC-20 Standard Token to Syscoin blockchain
  2. The asset guid generated from assetnew will be deterministic

ZDAG Fixes and Optimizations

  • RBF (replace-by-fee) has been added and updated to work properly with assetallocation transactions.
    This includes correcting the behavior of handling double spend for ZDAG transactions
  • Doubled the relay fee of ZDAG transaction to align with the bandwidth usage
  • Amended ZDAG rules for optimization
    • Sender balance has to be within the PoW balance within a block. This allow us to avoid doing ordering algorithms in mempool and speed up the process
  • Refactored ZDAG code for optimization
  • Fixed #390

Asset Protocol Fixes

  • Enabled detereminstic asset guid so someone cannot frontrun assets unknowingly to the user. This change will kick in automatically after blockheight 448000
  • Fixed issue with re-org when disconnecting blocks that contain mint asset transactions
    remove resync on miner
  • Fixed inconsistent TXIDs due to uninitialized CAmount in OP_RETURN
  • Fixed issue that allowed assetnew to have a supply balance of 0

Masternode fixes

  • Fixed masternodes counting against outbound resulting in extra count

Bridge Fixes

  • Added support for all ERC-20. Previously we were only bridging to openzeppelin standard ERC20's as a precautionary mechanism. This feature unlocks the bridge to all standard ERC-20 implementations. This will be enabled automatically after blockheight 448000

Auxpow Fixes

  • Syned up auxpow code to the Bitcoin change where generate() is replaced by generatetoaddress()

New Syscoind Argument

  • zmqpubrawmempooltx has been added for publishing raw transactions in address when entering mempool only
  • zmqpubrawmempooltxhwm has been added for setting publish raw mempool transaction outbound message high water mark

Ethereum Client Version Upgrade

  • The Geth client bundled has been upgraded from v1.9.9 to v1.9.12

For the release notes please see the git repository: