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           -- the SysDB project website

  This is the SysDB (System DataBase) website and related tools. Most of the
  content is created dynamically from simple templates using the

Install the website

  The SysDB website (currently available at currently is a
  set of static HTML pages. They are created from some simple templates using
  Go's html/template package ( For this
  purpose a small tool,, is used.


    go build src/

  The tool does not need any third-party Go packages, so no special setup is
  required in order to compile it.

  Install everything into some directory which is served by your webserver
  (various links and embedded resources expect that the site is accessible
  from the webserver's root directory, though).

    ./ --output /some/directory
    cp -i -r static/* /some/directory

  This will not overwrite any existing files. Use './ --force' and
  'cp -f' for that purpose.


  Sebastian “tokkee” Harl <>