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Grain Themes

A Grain website project is called a theme. Themes define the website structure, appearance, and content arrangement.

Typically, a Grain theme ships with:

  • The website and Grain configuration
  • HTML templates called layouts
  • Stylesheets, JavaScript files, and images
  • Code sources to process website pages (for instance, to implement pagination)
  • Samples of raw content files

Available Grain themes

Grain has a few already developed themes with responsive layouts. To use any of them, you can follow to the GitHub repository of a particular theme, download it, and run the project with the ./grainw command.

It's not required to know Groovy or any other programming language for the Java platform to use these available Grain themes. You can easily manage the website content and configure your project as you need.

Consult the sections below to know what Grain themes you can use.



The Agency theme is a single-page portfolio theme which provides a responsive portfolio grid layout with popup previews, a PHP-based Contact Us form, and an unusual About Us section with a timeline.

Business Casual


The Business Casual theme is a responsive four-page website designed for companies that want to use a simple blog. The theme also features customizable Home and About Us sections and a Contact Us page with the Google Maps API.

Clean Blog


Clean Blog is a blogging theme with easily managed posts, customizable Home and About Us pages, and a PHP-driven Contact Us form.



Freelancer is a single-page portfolio theme that provides a responsive portfolio grid layout with hovering effects and full-screen modal windows featuring project details.

Grain Stylish Portfolio


Stylish Portfolio is a single-page theme which provides a portfolio grid layout with with pop-up previews, call-to-action sections, and an integrated Google Maps API.

Grain Theme Template


The Grain Theme Template is a starting point for creating your custom Grain website or new themes. The template provides all the necessary source and configuration files to help Groovy and Java developers build a Grain project from scratch.

New Age


New Age is a landing page theme for showcasing web and mobile applications. It includes sections for displaying mockups outlining major application features and providing links for contacting developers and downloading the application.



The Octopress Grain theme is a minimalistic, responsive theme based on Octopress. This theme is best for the computer geeks who want to create a simple and neat blogging website.

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