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Powershell module for interacting with the API.
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🔍 PSURLScanio

A Powershell module for using the API.

PSURLScanio/PSUrlScanio is a Powershell module/wrapper for the API. The module allows you to quickly query/submit data to the service and incorporate it in to your automated threat hunting/intel processes using PoSh.

For example, let's hunt for some potential HSBC phishing pages that have embedded the companies logo! 🕵️‍ demo1

📦 Install

Head over to and get yourself an API key (, install the module and then run Connect-UrlScanio to set your key.

Install-Module -Name PSUrlScanio -Repository PSGallery
Connect-UrlScanio -ApiKey "2126abb6-3686-47ef-bae5-9daf6c9e0888"

📜 Examples

Search for the last scan for the domain

Search-Urlscanio -Domain -Limit 1 -Specific

TaskDate   : 28/08/2019 19:01:45
Submission : api
id         : 3313e096-3f4a-496f-9e9c-b0924e4d6824
URL        :
ApiResult  :
ResultPage :

(Omitting -Specific will return any scans where is called in any http request while loading the page)

Do the same but return the entire response rather than basic details.

Search-Urlscanio -Domain -Limit 1 -Specific -Raw Object

task           : @{visibility=public; method=api; ...}
stats          : @{uniqIPs=3; consoleMsgs=0; dataLength=746649; ...}
page           : @{country=US;; city=; ...}
uniq_countries : 2
_id            : 3313e096-3f4a-496f-9e9c-b0924e4d6824
result         :

Get results from a specific scan id.

Get-UrlScanioScan -uuid 03ba7a78-e779-4743-ae37-2b683ee9ec74

data     : @{requests=System.Object[]; cookies=System.Object[]; ...}
stats    : @{resourceStats=System.Object[]; protocolStats=System.Object[]; ...}
meta     : @{processors=}
task     : @{uuid=03ba7a78-e779-4743-ae37-2b683ee9ec74; ...}
page     : @{url=;; ...}
lists    : @{ips=System.Object[]; countries=System.Object[]; ...}
verdicts : @{overall=; urlscan=; engines=; community=}

Kick off a scan on the chosen domain/URL and return the scan results.

Start-UrlScanioScan -Url -ShowResults

data     : @{requests=System.Object[]; cookies=System.Object[]; ...}
stats    : @{resourceStats=System.Object[]; protocolStats=System.Object[]; tlsStats=System.Object[]; ...}
meta     : @{processors=}
task     : @{uuid=781d9c96-7638-4393-b504-3cbc1ef5adfc; time=28/08/2019 19:58:22; ...}
page     : @{url=; ...}
lists    : @{ips=System.Object[]; countries=System.Object[]; asns=System.Object[]; domains=System.Object[]; servers=System.Object[]; urls=System.Object[]; linkDomains=System.Object[]; certificates=System.Object[]; hashes=System.Object[]}
verdicts : @{overall=; urlscan=; engines=; community=}

(Example results have been truncated)


  • Can I contribute?
    • Yes please! Feel free to clone/test/add features and submit a PR or enhancement suggestion. Help yourself to the project board if you feel like it!
  • Why can I only get 10000 results? There are way more for this domain!
    • 10k results is the max limit for the API, and I haven't figured out a magical way around it (yet...).
  • Something's broke.
    • Please submit an issue for it and I'll take a look!


Feel free to reach out to me via twitter @sysgoblin.

If you fancy supporting me and what I'm working on you can always buy me a sfw beer (aka coffee) by the sponsor button on this repo. ☕👌

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