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@lbudai lbudai released this Oct 8, 2019 · 236 commits to master since this release



  • Add a new template function called $(format-flat-json), which generates
    flattened json output. This is useful for destinations, where the json
    parsing does not handle nested json format. (#2890)
  • Add ISO 8601 compliant week numbering. Use it with the ${ISOWEEK} macro
    and and all its variants: S_ISOWEEK, R_ISOWEEK and C_ISOWEEK. (#2878)
  • Add add-contextual-data() glob selector. It matches the message with shell
    style globbing. Enable it by setting selector(glob("$my_template") in the
    add-contextual-data() block. (#2936)
  • Add new rewrite operations to manipulate the timezone portion of timestamps have
    been added. set-timezone() to set the timezone value to a specific value,
    fix-timezone() to fix up an incorrectly recognized timezone and guess-timezone()
    to automatically deduce the timezone value on the assumption that the message
    is received in near real time. (#2818)
  • Send Server Name Identification (SNI) information with transport(tls).
    Enable it by setting the sni(yes) option in the tls block in your
    destination. (#2930)


  • templates: change the $LOGHOST macro to honour use-fqdn() (#2894)
  • Define syslog-ng-sysconfdir (#2932)
  • dqtool: add assign dqfile to persist file feature (#2872)


  • Fix backtick subsitution of defines/environment variables in the main configuration file. (#2906, #2909)
  • Fix SCL block parameter substitution of quoted escaped newline (#2901)
  • python, diskq, random-generator source: crash after failed reload (#2907)
  • Fix crash at shutdown on 32bit systems (#2893, #2895)
  • Invalidate the value of the LEGACY_MSGHDR macro in case either the PID or the PROGRAM
    macros are unset() using a rewrite rule. Previously LEGACY_MSGHDR would retain the old values. (#2896)
  • on 32bit platform diskq ftruncate could fail due to size 32/64 interface (#2892)
  • Support new tzdata format, starting from version 2009.XXX, in tzinfo parser. (#2898)
  • udp, udp6, tcp, tcp6, syslog, network destination: Correctly detect and set IP_MULTICAST_TTL
    in case of multicast ip address (#2905)
  • Fix hostname resolve on systems with only the loopback network interface configured (#2933)
  • wildcard-file(): Add multi-line(), pad_size() and multi-line-mode() option validation. (#2922)
  • kafka-c: Fix multiple memleaks (#2944)

Other changes

  • geoip: remove deprecated module, geoip2 database location detection (#2780)
  • various refactor, build issue fixes (#2902)

Notes to the developers

  • LightRunWithStrace: Run syslog-ng behind strace (#2921)
  • LightVerboseLogOnError: Increase default pytest verbosity on error (#2919)
  • Dbld image caching (#2858)
  • Dbld gradle caching (#2857)
  • logreader,logsource: move scratch-buffer mark and reclaim into LogSource (#2903)


syslog-ng is developed as a community project, and as such it relies
on volunteers, to do the work necessarily to produce syslog-ng.

Reporting bugs, testing changes, writing code or simply providing
feedback are all important contributions, so please if you are a user
of syslog-ng, contribute.

We would like to thank the following people for their contribution:

Andras Mitzki, Antal Nemes, Attila Szakacs, Balazs Scheidler, Bertrand Jacquin,
Gabor Nagy, Henrik Grindal Bakken, Kerin Millar, kjhee43, Laszlo Budai,
Laszlo Szemere, László Várady, Péter Kókai, Raghunath Adhyapak, Zoltan Pallagi.

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