@renecannao renecannao released this Aug 1, 2017 · 2 commits to v1.4.1 since this release

Release date: 2017-08-01

Stable release v1.4.1 , released on 2017-08-01

Compared to 1.3.9 (latest in 1.3 series):

  • Group Replication: Native Support for MySQL Group Replication using new configuration table mysql_group_replication_hostgroups , see this blog post
  • Query Processor: Multiplex regex engines: PCRE (now default) and RC2 (former default)
  • Admin: Faster internal database (SQLite3)
  • Admin: Added support for FROM_UNIXTIME() in internal database
  • Connection pool: Background thread to reset connections: this drastically reduces the number of new connections created on backend
  • Connection pool: Changed default in transaction_persistent from 0 to 1
  • General: Support for FreeBSD
  • General: Support for ARM CPU
  • Connection pool: Allows to temporary disable multiplexing with new variable mysql-connection_delay_multiplex_ms
  • Query Processor: Allows more complex routing, with query rules able to define the flagIN of the next query, mysql_query_rules.next_query_flagIN #825
  • Query Processor: Allows forward of SET autocommit setting variable mysql-forward_autocommit
  • Statistics: it exports more status variables about commands executed
  • Statistics: Allows to enable memory profiling at runtime using the command PROXYSQL MEMPROFILE START (note, PROXYSQL MEMPROFILE STOP doesn't work)
  • Admin: LOAD MYSQL SERVERS TO RUNTIME is up to 40x faster , relevant only when handling thousands of backends #829
    Admin: LOAD MYSQL USERS TO RUNTIME is up to 60x faster , relevant only when handling millions of users. Ex: 500000 users can be loaded in 2.8 seconds
  • Admin: introduced new command LOAD MYSQL USER username TO RUNTIME to load a single user to runtime. Relevant only when adding a single user on a system with millions of users.
  • Morroring: introduced a lot of improvement on mirroring, see this blog
  • Admin: re-implemented command PROXYSQL PAUSE: this will stop the listener yet will continue running the current sessions. This feature is useful for graceful shutdown or to handle new connection to a second proxy
  • Admin: Re-implemened command PROXYSQL RESUME : it resumes the listener
    Connection Pool: Several redesign on how prepared statements are handled
    General: error log rotation #1049
    Connection pool: do not shun for error 1203 #1054
    Admin: improved Admin start time on slow spinning disk #1055
    Admin: improve restart time in case of crash/kill/restart , up to 15ms restart time
    Monitoring: do not consider a backend failed in case of Access denied eror #1073
    Admin: changed default bind address to "" , but do not allows connection from default credentials #1103
    MySQL: do not bind on Unix socket domain by default #1104
    Statistics: introduced new table stats_memory_metrics to export memory metrics
    Packaging: added support for Debian9

Cluster: ProxySQL instances can now monitor each other. This feature is available but not useful on its own. It will be useful in future releases for more complex cluster setups.